10 Classic cocktails
UNDER 200 Calories!

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10 Classic cocktails
UNDER 200 Calories!

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Ditch the vodka soda…
And enjoy a delicious classic cocktail – that YOU can make!

For less than the cost of one cocktail in a bar or restaurant, you can make 10 classic cocktails that are less than 200 calories in the comfort of your own home.

And the best part?

it’s only…


What Will You Learn in This Book?

The history behind your favorite classic cocktails (it's shocking how the Tom Collins got its name)

The top 6 tools that any respected home bartender MUST have (especially tool #5)

How to make the top 3 syrups that are the basis to any great cocktail (they're surprisingly simple to make)


You will learn how to create delicious classic cocktails with step-by-step instructions

Ready to have low-calorie drinks that actually taste great?!


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I am so confident you’ll love this book that I am backing it with my 100% Guarantee*

Not only are these cocktails absolutely delicious… but they are calorie-conscious, made with quality ingredients, and leave you feeling guilt-free.

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