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‘If you dare say the information in here was already known to you or wasn’t worth the money, you are much more than a shitweasel. You are a stone-cold, unethical liar.’ - Gary Halbert (Legendary Marketer)
What Is the ‘Millionaire Blueprint’?
“There are paragraphs in this book, ideas in this book, whole chapters in this book that I have never had the balls to put down on paper before!”

This is NOT information you’ll find in the 1000’s of ad writing and marketing books out there in the ‘mainstream’.

And you absolutely will NOT find this kind of information in the curriculum of the top universities in the country!
The ‘Millionaire Rebel Blueprint’ is the step-by-step 7-Figure manual they DON’T want you to know about.

It’s the step-by-step process of how I made $77 million dollars in 2 short years... by defying conventional ‘marketing’ advice, and going against the grain with my BALLS hanging out.
You Will Never Be the Same Again.
You will operate very differently after learning these REBEL strategies...
...making you the envy and admiration of all your friends when they see the kind of badass, successful entrepreneur you’ve become seemingly overnight.

This book is NOT for those who want to act, think, and be ordinary.

It’s also NOT for those for whom the thought of making OBSCENE amounts of money very quickly makes them uncomfortable.

And it’s certainly NOT for those who want to try and build a million-dollar business with the same-ol’, traditional advice that all the “experts” tell you!

But don’t worry. Once you read the pages inside this book, unless you somehow suffer from total memory loss, it will be impossible for you to ever be ‘ordinary’ again.
Praise For My Millionaire Bluprint
"Because Of You George, $10,000 A Month !" 
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My Millionaire Blueprint
The Dangerous Formula That Made Me $77 Million In 2 Years... And You Can Too!’
By Vincent James with Foreword By George Rivera
Inside This FREE Book, Here’s How I’m Going To Subconsciously Flip The ‘Switch’ Inside Your Brain So You Can’t Help But DRAMATICALLY Explode Your Bank Account...By Only Doing the RIGHT Things!
You’re going to discover...
  • How to follow in my footsteps and build yourself your very own empire of WEALTH even if you’re flat broke! (I grew up with a learning disability, a bad childhood, and NO formal education. So believe me, YOU can do this too.)
  •  How to create your own perfect product in ONE short weekend. (There are only certain types of products people will buy like crack addicts. And unless you’re making $10 million in your sleep, chances are you’re NOT selling one of them.
  •  Where to have any product manufactured for the lowest cost possible. (There are hundreds of companies you don’t know about that are ready to manufacture ANY product idea you have... for dirt cheap.)
  •  How to hire Fulfillment companies that will take and process ALL of your orders, ship your orders, do the bank deposits, handle customer service and refunds... all while you’re on vacation hundreds of miles away!
  •  How to know within 7 days if you have a million-dollar hit. (The industry standard is 30 days. But you’re going to see my scientifically proven, fail-proof formula to know in a FRACTION of the time if any product idea or marketing of yours is going to work.)
  •  How to REALLY use sales letters, and add a simple paragraph to the end of them that will triple the amount of product your customer buys! (This added $60 million in sales for me annually, without spending an additional penny on advertising.)
  •  How to use ‘up-sells’ and ‘cross-sells’ scripts in way that will get a MINIMUM of 50% of your buyers to BUY AGAIN within seconds after making a purchase, sending your ‘unite of sale’ through the roof. (Most people who try this can only dream of that kind of percentage.)
  •  The best day of the week to do most of your marketing (send out your sales letters and email campaigns), to get MAXIMUM response. Do this on the RIGHT day and you can get 25% more buyers.
  •  How to get your customer to pay for your ENTIRE cost to manufacture your product without pissing him off or even noticing! (This simple technique eliminates your need to mark-up prices 3x, 5x, or even 10x like experts say, and still make an enormous profit.)
  •  How to protect your assets from unscrupulous “Alphabet Agencies” who are looking to ROB you of your hard-earned profits- even if you’re doing it legitimately. (You’ll read my shock-and-horror story of how I lost $48 million in ONE day by leaving all my assets ‘visible’!)
  •  How to close “high-ticket” deals for obscenely large amounts of money - even with an online sales letter where your prospect can’t even see or hold your product! (You’ll see a real life example of how I get people lining up to buy a $5,000 product.)
  •  How I mail out 1000 marketing letters for $500, and get 82 orders for $1000 a pop. (And even how I’ve done 120 mailings for $120, and gotten $25,000 in orders for my product!)
  •  How to easily and quickly locate large groups of people who are already STARVING to buy your product. (This is where most people screw up. They spend all their time and money making a product BEFORE they even know if there are enough buyers out there! Big mistake.)
  •  A secret “call center” that will take all your phone orders FOR FREE - 24 hours a day- 7 days a week. (After 7 years and making $100 million, I never had to speak with one customer personally.)
  •  How to have 90% of your orders go through your website, instead of your toll-free lines. (Fewer employees, less phone bills, WAY less overhead costs, and hardly any human error. It’s SO much better to have your website take lion’s share of your orders!)
  •  The ONLY 4 reasons why your prospect WILL NOT buy your product. (Once you overcome these 4 things easily, you’ll have people lining up and BEGGING you to take their money.)

  •  How to see ENORMOUS returns on your advertising, as much as 2000% return on your dollar, month after month after month.
    meet the mEn behind the book
    Vincent James
    Vincent grew up poor in a small family town in New Jersey. A dreamer, and some call a rebel, he wanted a better life. With a pad and a pen he was able to design an business that made him $77 million in two years, and documented the entire process and put it My Millionaire Blueprint.
    meet the mEn behind the book
    George “Fabricio Cruz” Rivera
    George has been marketing online since 1995, back when he was in high school. He made his first $100K by the age of 19 and first million by the age of 24, and has done over 100 million dollars in sales since for himself and his clients. His big paydays started coming once he implemented Vincent’s strategies over 10 years ago.
    PLUS, If you already own a business...
    •  I will show you how to ‘see’ a goldmine right now in your business that you’re not even aware of, and that’s worth $10,000 to $1,000,000 in sales immediately. (You can suck out these additional profits that are ‘hidden’ in your business in just ONE week.)
    •  How to identify and “copy” winning promotions to make yourself millions, so you NEVER have to re-invent the wheel or play guessing game. (One of my “copycats” brags about selling over $250,000,000 worth of a product he copied from me. And another makes $320 million annually and sponsors his own NASCAR race team!)
    •  The two places to find an unlimited source of CASH FUNDING for your winning product ideas, so you never have to put up a penny of your own money to get your product created, and put out on the market quickly.
    •  10 techniques to pay 50% less for magazine ads. Just one technique will save you 15% EVERY SINGLE TIME. (Plus I’ll teach you how to ‘kick the crap out of’ your ad rep, and get the ad placed for almost what it cost the magazine to print the page!)
    •  5 CRITICAL questions to ask magazine sales reps BEFORE placing your ad that will decide if your ad will either make money or lose money! (Tip: If an ad rep answers just one question incorrectly, there’s a 90% chance your ad is going to flop.)
    •  What market I look to when I need to make a million bucks within a month’s time. (You’ll see how to come up with KILLER ideas and identify the exact cash-rich, passionate prospects that are DESPERATE to give you money now.)
    •  How to market your product to the Entire World using the only REAL techniques that make the Internet pay off. (You can count the REAL ways on your left hand. The internet is NOT as complicated as ‘marketing experts’ make it out to be. You’ll know more ways to make a website profitable than the top ‘web consultants’!)
    And All That’s JUST In The First 163 Pages! Also... just for taking ACTION and getting my free book today (because I LOVE bold, action- takers like you)... I’m going to reward you even MORE.
    I’m going to give you access to $594 in FREE Bonuses when you claim your copy now...
    Bonus #1: ‘The $1,000 a Day Challenge’
    When you place your order now, you'll also receive absolutely FREE, My “$1000 A Day Challenge: Blast Your Way To Your First $30K!"

    This is the same information that I’ve given my private, behind-closed-doors mentoring students that have paid me up to $10K! And you'll get it for FREE!
    In "The $1,000 A Day Challenge: Blast Your Way To Your First $30K!" You'll Discover Internet Marketing Secrets Like...
    • How to make $7,000 a week - or more, using free & low cost advertising strategies that you've NEVER heard of!
    •  The single most important question you must ask yourself before you get started (HINT: Not knowing this will almost always guarantee your failure)!
    • How to position yourself as a dominant force in the online marketplace!
    • How you can shave months off of the learning curve and become a millionaire as fast as possible!
    • You'll discover how to create multi-million dollar marketing campaigns that will have your customers begging to buy from you!
        Bonus #2: IM Blueprint Videos For Quick Cash
        This Action Packed course is the advanced level.
        You'll discover advanced Internet Marketing Secrets like...
        • Video #1: ($50 Value) "How To Make $500 to $2000 PER WEEK As An Internet Marketing Consultant - Even If You Know NOTHING About Internet Marketing!"
        •  Video #2: ($50 Value) "How To Blog Your Way To The Bank!"
        •  Video #3: ($50 Value) "How To Make $100 a Day (or More) Using Noting More Than CPA Programs - Starting NOW!"
        •  Video #4: ($50 Value) "How To Make a Rock Star's Income Using Online Membership Sites That Create True, Passive, Residual Wealth!"
        •  Video #5: ($50 Value) "My Plan That Makes Me $1500 to $3000 a Month on Demand - and How You Can Do It Too!"
        •  Video #6: ($50 Value) "How To Create A FORUM CASH GOLDMINE, Starting With Nothing More Than Just An Internet Connection”
            Look if you’re still a bit skeptical then let me ease your mind...
            Take a look at what marketing & advertising legend Gary Halbert had to say...

            "I got to know this guy. He's from New Jersey, as street smart as they come, and he has the energy of a shitweasel on amphetamines.”

            He created a business that generated $100,000,000 in 23-short months. He did this with just a pen, a pad, and a simple idea. I believe this is by far the most important marketing product ever put together.

            In it, he reveals a lot of secrets that even I have never before revealed to anyone (except a few clients and my closest friends). If you dare say the information you get from this product was already known to you or it wasn't worth the money, you are much more than a shitweasel.

            You are a stone-cold, unethical liar. Believe it or not, much of this information is so electrifying; it was unknown even to me. And I am now using these secrets when I create advertising for myself or for my clients.”

            Look, here’s the truth…

            It’s just as hard to make a “good” income in this business, as it is to become filthy rich, earning millions a year.

            It’s just as hard to turn one dollar into three dollars 100 times, as it is to do it one million times. So why not do it to it’s fullest?

            I sure do. And I’m going to transform your mind in just 236 short pages FOR FREE, so you’ll do the exact same.

            The Only Thing Separating You From Your Dream Life Is $10 Measly Bucks To Cover My Cost…

            Like I said the ‘Millionaire Blueprint’ is yours for free. With NO strings, no catch.

            Just cover my cost for printing and shipping ($9.95), and I’ll ship it right to your doorstep immediately.

            And you can come enjoy the fun with the rest of us big boys in the multi-millionaire circle.
            So...What’s The Catch?
            That’s what you’re still thinking, right?

            As I said, there is no catch. There are no hidden monthly fees, or some fine print where I promise to bill you more money down the road, or anything stupid or shady like that.

            But there are a couple of reasons why I’m giving this away…
            •  Believe it or not, I’m at a point in my life where I just want to give back. I don’t need your money since I’m already making loads of it in my other businesses. There is a special kind of feeling you get in helping others succeed and turning their life around.
            •  I have other products I’d like to sell you to explode your bank balance even more, but I’d rather blow you away (and make you rich beyond dreams) first. This may convince you to buy my other ‘next level’ stuff. (Or not. But I’m willing to take that chance!)
            •  There are millions and millions of entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs. And there are only about a 1,000 copies of my free book. So majority of the business world will NEVER have a clue about these ‘bad boy’ marketing strategies. So I have no fear sharing my deepest secrets.

                “Wait… Did You Say Only Printed 1,000 Copies?”
                No, there are actually way less than that by the time you get to reading this letter. Plenty copies are already gone, so you don’t have much time.

                In fact, don’t be shocked if after today you come back to this page and you see a big, fat, ugly “SOLD OUT” sign.

                Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Once all thousand copies are gone... that’s it. At this point in time I have no plans of printing any more copies.

At which point you’ll be lucky to find a copy on Ebay being sold for thousands of bucks, with everyone and their mom eyeing it. (It’s happened before.)

                Don’t let that happen to you. I cringe at the very thought of you missing out on having the life you’ve always wanted, filled with abundance, freedom, and endless wealth… all because you chose not to invest $9.95 for shipping.

                It actually makes me laugh and cry at the same time just thinking about it… for YOUR sake.

Don’t be that guy, ok?

Reserve a copy of my free book, just cover my cost for shipping, and here’s what else I’ll do for you..
                    You Can Have Your Shipping Money Back If You Really Want It!
                    Yeah, no kidding. If you don’t absolutely love this book and your mind isn’t racing with rebellious, rule-breaking, million-dollar-generating ideas after the first 20 pages…

                    Shoot us an email, tell us that you want your money back and we’ll refund every penny of that $9.95 right away. No questions asked.

                    And… you can keep the book!

                    No I haven’t gone crazy. I don’t mind doing this as I explained in my 3 reasons above! You never have to return the book.

                    I 100% guarantee this book will change EVERYTHING for you. Or you get your money back.

                    Look you’ve read this far… so it tells me how committed and serious you are about being one of those cream of the crop marketers, pulling in 6…7… even 8 figures with EASE, while everyone’s left wondering how you did it.

                    Step Up & Claim Your Destiny Of Being A Total Badass Millionaire Money-Maker That Knows No Bounds… And Claim Your FREE Copy Of My Book Before They’re All Gone!

                    Thanks for reading this letter and I can’t wait to hear about your incredible success.
                        P.S. In case you skipped to the end to read this, here’s the deal…

                        I’m giving away my ‘Millionaire Blueprint’ book to you for free. Just pay $9.95 for shipping. No Catch. No Strings. No fine print. It’s all yours.

                        Just by reading the pages inside this book, you’re going to see how to turn that idea you’ve always had (or any ideas you get) into a million-dollar business in 1 year… starting with nothing.

And you will do it by breaking the rules and going against the grain, at the shock & awe of everyone else. You WILL think and act differently by osmosis alone, simply by reading these pages.

                        And you will become a millionaire marketing REBEL. Because that’s exactly how I made $77 million dollars rather dangerously (yet legally & ethically) in 2 short years.

                        You now have the entire formula in your hands with this book… for FREE. Just pay shipping and handling.

                        In fact if you’re not absolutely blown away after the first 20 pages alone, I’ll refund your shipping cost in full… and you can KEEP THE BOOK.

So step up and be the BADASS you were always meant to be. Get this book.

                        Quit living a life of struggle and mediocrity. I’m giving you the PROVEN game plan to make it happen.

                        Click the big button you see below, fill out your shipping details, and I’ll immediately ship your FREE copy today!
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