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Hi there.
I’m Larry Easto.
Welcome to my 50K Venture.
That’s my goal of helping 50,000 service professionals generate more business for their businesses … over the next five years.
Before outlining what’s in this venture for you,
I’ll summarize how it came about.

Marketing Professional Services
I have spent my entire career marketing and supplying professional services: law, consulting, training workshops and coaching. 
I am also very passionate about helping people learn what they need to know to make a difference in their lives.
From my work with self-employed service providers (aka service professionals), I learned that as good as many were at helping and their satisfying clients, far too many struggled with marketing their services.
This issue is especially challenging for the vast majority of these people who, like me, work in small and one-person businesses.
Typically working from our home offices, we lack access to the kind of in-house marketing support commonly found in mid-size and larger firms.
Given my love of helping people learn, it was inevitable that this passion would connect with the unmet education need that was becoming increasingly apparent: high quality service-specific marketing training. 
Long story short: several years ago, I wrote
How to Market Professional Services,
a comprehensive book of more than 200 pages.
In preparing this book, my intention was to consolidate the best practices for marketing services, in a format that would help service professionals
generate more business for their businesses.
Idealist that I am, I never seriously considered the external and internal struggles that would disrupt my plan to share  marketing experiences.
The Global Village Is Not A Small Town
Very early in my career as a small-town lawyer, I collaborated with a local accountant in presenting a comparable experience-based learning opportunity.
Focusing on the general theme of preventive business practices, we conducted a series of seminars designed to help business owners prevent serious legal and financial issues.
Connecting with seminar participants was easy and straight forward: we just spread the word, inviting our clients and contacts to sign up and bring like-minded friends and contacts with them.
Even though our wired and interconnected world has often been called a global village, it’s a whole lot harder to connect with a targeted audience in this village than it is in a small town.
That’s been the biggest external struggle that I have faced: connecting with the people who will most benefit from the marketing practices that I want to share.
And even if I could have succeeded in connecting with service professionals whom I could help, what form would this assistance take. 
My book was too clunky to be practical for either hard copy or electronic format.  
Small, live and in-person interactive workshops would have been ideal … but for an estimated world-wide market of some 50 million service professionals, this option was not even worth consideration.
As admirable as my intentions were and as helpful as my content is, I hit a wall: how to help the people who will most benefit from my help?
A Video Lesson Breakthrough
My break through this wall arrived, right out of the blue in March of 2018.
At that time Skillshare, an online learning community for people who want to learn from educational videos, invited me to prepare marketing-themed video class.  
Overcoming a huge learning curve, I created my first of six video courses for Skillshare. 
Not only did I manage to seriously reduce my intense dislike of computer and online technology, my passion for helping people learn was reactivated—in the form of creating video lessons.
My first marketing class for Skillshare, about generating referrals, was selected as a featured class, a designation limited to only 1% of more than 23,000 individual classes.
And to my total surprise, Skillshare also identified me as a ‘teacher to watch’, again a designation that less than 1% of its some 7,000 teachers receives.
Since that first video marketing class, I have completed five more for Skillshare, and two 12-video lesson courses for my own purposes.
I also have two more video courses at different stages of completion.
And by way of icing on the cake, today (as I prepare this message) another learning community invited me to share my video classes on its platform.
My 50K Venture
With both my intention and passion aligned with a largely unmet market need, the obvious next step is to build on this synergy and move forward. And that’s where my 50K Venture comes into play.
The 5-year goal of this initiative is to help 50,000 service professionals generate more business for their businesses.
By way of clarification and for purposes of this venture, the term service professional includes anyone who sells any kind of services as a means of livelihood or gain.  In other words, a service professional is anyone who gets paid for providing services. This includes virtually anyone and everyone from accountants to yoga teachers.
Based on my research, there are at least 50 million service professionals in North America alone.
My marketing help will take the form of high-value, user-friendly online video eCourses. These courses will assist all service professionals, regardless of their marketing experience, from novice to seasoned veterans.
At this point (July 2019) Best Authentic Marketing Strategies for Services is available here on ClickBank.
For the next three months, new courses will be added at the rate of one per month; starting next year, they will be added at the rate of four courses per year.  
What’s Old Is New Again
Acknowledging my sense of deju vu, I am reminded of the experience of the “what now?” experience following the finalization of the content for our preventive business practices seminars many years ago.
Now as then, the “what now?” means “how to connect and engage potential participants?”
In the case of the preventive business practices seminar, this was a no-brainer: we used the same marketing that all service professionals used: personal networking.
Although still effective as a marketing strategy, personal networking is neither as simple or straight forward in today’s global village as in was in yesteryear’s small town.
The good news is that thanks to today’s technology, we can connect and interact with more people, in more diverse locations, than once thought possible.
And the even better news is that online technology makes is possible to turn personal networking into a win-win-win scenario.
Creating A Win-Win-Win Scenario
An affiliate marketing program makes it possible to create a win-win-win scenario.
As a content creator, my win will take the form of a process by which my eCourses can be distributed to the people who will benefit from them.
By helping increase the awareness of these eCourses, affiliate partners (that would be you and people like you) will position themselves for their win: a share of the revenue from the sale of the eCourses.
And service professionals’ win will take the form of the new business that they will generate as a result of what they will learn from the eCourses.
Your Invitation
Now that I have outlined what I have in mind (and thank you for reading this far), I invite you to join me in helping your contacts generate more business for their service businesses.
In effect, this will mean becoming a ClickBank affiliate and introducing my eCourses to your contacts.  Whenever someone whom you have introduced to an eCourses makes a purchase, you will receive a 50% commission. What a great way to help yourself to more money. 
And even better--you might receive a 15% bonus…but that’s another story for another time.
In order to start helping yourself to more money, you will need a ClickBank account.
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Thanks again for reading this message.

Grab your free access now and let’s achieve some great things together…
Larry Easto
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