One of the most annoying mistakes men seem to make when it comes to giving an orgasm – lack of sex education!

That’s why the sexpert Kenneth Play has decided to break down all the things he’s learned from science and has put them in a practical course that people can actually use in the bedroom. Finally, a science-based guide to amazing sex!

The fact is, men want to educate themselves on how to please their woman.

The World’s Greatest Sex Hacker named by GQ – Kenneth Play demonstrates not only how to ride orgasmic waves with your lover but nerds out with an animation that shows you exactly when you need to stay the course and follow through to give that orgasm.

The course contains 5 modules and 30 lessons which explain sex hacks through a practical approach about foreplay, oral, penetration and squirting.

“I’m not just some random dude coming up with weird sex ideas…”

These techniques are backed by actual research. Kenneth’s collaborator is Dr.Zhana, a NYU psychology professor and a sex educator. Together they do sex-related workshops in Brooklyn, where hundreds of couples from NYC come for help. Here is both of them being featured in Bustle Magazine: