I failed at the violin... then i helped myself and every one of my students dominate it

Why most violinists actually get it wrong—and how you can get it right.


I remember one of my students—a short, slightly overweight yet passionate kid who loved the violin and always wanted to play it.

​He would look at his violin and sometimes run his hand along the side of it, feeling the smooth, freshly applied varnish of his most prized instrument.

​He was honestly one of my favorites, partially because he was a great person, but also an underdog.

How was he an underdog, you ask?

Severe scoliosis.

His spine was so bent that he walked in a slanted fashion, his back visibly curved to the left, and his neck barely had any range of motion.

He was my favorite, but not of many other people.

Pretty much everyone thought he'd never be able to play the violin at all, much less play it well.

And honestly, they were right. If I wasn't as optimistic as I am, I would have turned him down as a student the moment I saw his condition.

But I believe anything can be done.

Fast-forward 2 years later....

He's getting ready to go onto a stage, a stage I've been on before.

I prep him by reviewing what side of the stage to enter on, how to walk, how to stay cool. 

We don't talk about playing the violin or posture or anything.

We don't need to.

His performance time comes up, he nods at me and slowly walks through the heavy stage entrance doors... twisted step by twisted step.

I turn to look at the stage screen and I see him put his violin to his neck and a combination of awe and pity descend upon the venue, the audience feeling the weight of his disadvantages.

As he played the first phrase of the sonata he prepared for that day, the entire audience stood up in respect—eyes fixated on the player before them for the entire piece.

That was something I had never seen before.

Upon finishing it, an applause with a sound reminiscent of the sound of a tidal wave ensued.

They didn't want him to leave the stage.

People asked him who he learned from, what he did, and if he or his teacher could teach them.

He came back to me and told me "Ethan... I feel like my violin is a part of me."

And that's when my jaw dropped…

That is the power of control of your instrument

Right now, I want you to think back to all the times when you've played something or seen someone play something VERY well.

  • Maybe it was watching an experienced virtuoso at a concert making a violin talk...
  • Maybe it was your teacher demonstrating how to play a piece near-perfectly…
  • Maybe it was YOU, in one of those moments when you're just playing like a MASTER.

What did they all have in common?

I'll tell you.


the ability to control their violin.

You never hear a virtuoso or a master being nervous with their instrument or not having enough control of it.

You don't see it either


Because over all those years of their practice, they've gotten it.

They understood how to control their violin gradually, absorbing small pieces of the puzzle along the way.

If you're going to impress people with your sound, impress yourself, play for your grandma, or if you're really looking to make your mark on the world with your sound…

​You'll need to have immense control of your violin.

Now, you might be thinking I just taught him how to play a violin.

You might think I'm just a good teacher.

Any skilled violinist can teach someone how to play a violin.

But let me tell you... I did far more than that.

It took more than just teaching him "how to play" and techniques and such.

I had to unravel nearly everything that was taught to him before by his previous teacher.


Because I had to make him FEEL like his instrument was a part of him.

I made him let his body—as twisted and painful as it was—AGREE with the instrument.

I made him let the violin conform to him, not the other way around.

you see, most people conform to their violin.

They try to follow normal, "textbook" posture. And nothing's wrong with that.

But it gets worse.

When the posture doesn't work out for them, they still keep trying, and they force themselves to work with it.

And that's often where problems arise. Neck pains, finger joint pains, and playing quality suffers.

Have you ever seen a beginner or an intermediate violinist complain about pain, or have just discomfort while playing it?

Of course.

Ever felt it yourself?

I did, too. Quite often.

Is that good? Encouraging?


And God forbid if your body is different from most, or if you have a longer-than-usual neck or something like that.

If you do, you'll probably be beating yourself up, trying to get the usual posture to work for you not knowing why it won't.

Your progress will most likely be slow.

Some even quit the violin, sadly.

i know what it's like—i've been there.

When I had my first chance to play violin well in a public contest and boost my music life, I blew it, but I started to study intensely on why I failed, and what makes others succeed.

I dove into it non-stop.

I went through countless exercises.

Nights full of sweaty practice.

Angry neighbors.

And eventually, with help from other people over and 145 different violin books and materials, I got it.

I discovered an extremely effective set of ways to gain supreme control over your instrument and play like a master before you even become one.

most violinists practice in an extremely inefficient way.

they practice so much more than they actually play. it looks like this:

Time and Energy

Time and Energy

Time and Energy

Time and Energy

Great Sound

You simply need control.
With more instrument control, you can practice less and play well as much as you want.

Time and Energy

Great Sound

Great Sound

Great Sound

Great Sound

To get started, you only need to do 3 simple things, which the vast majority of violinists don't:

  • check
    Step 1 is to understand what we call the "Body Placement Principle", which is that every body is differently shaped, so every holding method and position will have to vary from person to person. This frees you up to understand that your violin needs to conform to you.
  • check
    Next, you have to understand what some of my students call the "Pivot Law".  Most people play their violin/viola with the neck either facing forward or more to the side. This is #1 on the list of variable positions you can have with the violin. You can actually vary your violin hold from facing forward, and you can make it as diagonal as you want to the side.
  • check
    Step 3 is to move your bowing arm into a more active position. Most people play with their bowing arm too much to their side, so they get scratchy noises when they're playing and don't know where it comes from. Bring your elbow more forward and it'll help get your bow to be more perpendicular to the strings on the violin.

However, there's A LOT more to this and it isn't easy to find...

I went through over 145 thick, detailed pieces of violin material to just BEGIN finding these things.

Many don’t have the time, or the desire to manually find the rest of this out.

However, when you do…

Life with your violin changes.

Everything becomes easier, and you get a new form of competence with your instrument.

You stop "trying to play" and you start playing.

Whenever you touch your instrument, you improve faster than ever, because as one of my students says...

You're not limited anymore.

And that's EXACTLY why I created
“Supreme String Secrets”


The revolutionary methods that make playing the violin unbelievably easy—for any skill level.

Supreme String Secrets is an eBook that lays out the foundations of amazingly intuitive string playing.

I've worked with hundreds of violin resources and taken the very best from all of them to reform five different areas of playing the violin to amazingly transform your playing skill and quality.

However, it's not only an eBook. It's the culmination of 145+ violin books all packed into an eBook, WITH bonus fast-action programs.

There are fast-action bonuses included that drastically increase the value that you'll get, such as audios, videos and more.

Begin Your Transformation: The central point behind every aspect of your playing is your control over your violin and comfort with playing it. You'll develop five key parts of your playing that will help you sound exactly the way you want to more often:

  • 1
    Finger Control and Aim: If you're playing the violin or the viola for the first time, you'll pick it up 5x faster than you ever thought. If you've played before, you'll near-instantly double, or even TRIPLE your finger speed.
  • 2
    Ideal Posture and Instrument Hold: You'll barely feel your instrument on your body when you understand this. You won't even need a shoulder rest or a pad ever again if you use one, and it'll be the most liberating feeling you'll get.
  • 3
    Body-Instrument Contact: Injuries would be virtually IMPOSSIBLE for you to get anymore, and you'll have bulletproof posture, making it effortless to play anywhere, anytime, and sound amazing.
  • 4
    Bow-Arm Positioning: Smooth, sweet tone is all yours. You'll be moving your bow with power and grace like players like DSharp, David Garrett and many greats.
  • 5
    Hand-Neck Contact: Hit ANY note and shift to and from ANY position after learning the 3 key requirements for turning your violin fingerboard into your playground.

See what our customers have to say:

"Ethan is THE go-to guy when it comes to learning anything musical."

"Ethan is THE go-to guy when it comes to learning anything musical. He has a gift that I have rarely if ever seen before. He’s shared that gift with me, and I can proudly say that I recommend him and his teaching to anyone wanting to improve their skills."


Entrepreneur and Musician

"Every violinist NEEDS this..."

"Anyone serious about learning and mastering the violin would be CRAZY to not take advantage of this investment. I wish there was something like this when I started, it really cleared up all my misconceptions and made me better than nearly everyone I know."


Orchestral Violinist

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"Every violinist needs this..."

As attractive as this product is, I know that not everyone will respond. While that's okay with me from a business standpoint, it still bothers me personally.

You see, I know how much value and enjoyment people get when they use Supreme String Secrets. They email me gushing about how amazing the results are for them. Hundreds have told me "Every violinist needs to see this".

Because of this, I hate the thought of someone not getting our product because of some error or missing piece in our explanation.

That's why I held a brainstorming session with some of our clients to try and figure out why someone would say "no" to getting this product, and after a long while, we could only think about three possible reasons.

Here they are:

I don't think it'll work for me.

I'm content with my violin teacher.

I'm already a great violinist.

Get Your Copy Now for $197 $15

It's completely risk free, and we'll be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.

At the end of the day, you can keep practicing and working yourself to the bone just to be able to play something you want…


Or you can learn how to command your instrument and use practice as a preparation instead of a crutch.


Musical freedom -- instrumental freedom awaits you.

"Music is the universal language. Speaking it should be just as easy as understanding it."

P.S.: You're lucky to see this page right now. Due to extremely high demand, prices WILL be moving up very soon. As soon as the coming weeks, actually. You can get your copy right now at the current price, but this price and bonuses are  only available for a few more days.

Copyright 2018, Supreme String Secrets

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