It doesn't matter if you're an aspiring influencer, an artist, a company, a blogger or a model, our method works on every kind of profile.





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    Before starting to work on your page, we need to know your audience, so that interactions (likes, follows, comments, story views) will be done on the profiles potentially interested in following you. For this reason, after payment, you will be asked to give us the names of some reference profiles, similar to yours. The strategy is simple: "if these people follow that particular profile and I can get noticed, they could follow me, too!" And as you know, to be noticed, in addition to having quality content, you need to interact. But this will be done by us for you!
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    At this point we are ready to explode your profile with our powerful system, but we still need one essential thing: the credentials of your profile. Why do we need them? Very simple, we do not sell followers, so to get them the system must interact on your behalf with other profiles. That's why you need to connect your account to instaXplode's system. In practice, your profile will appear as if managed by you all day, every day, interacting with the previously chosen audience! Maximum results without any effort!
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    Once the service is active, our team will check every day that everything is up to standard. This allows us to guarantee a quality service without any kind of interruption. However it is always important to remember that Instagram could ask to authorize an access that it considers "unusual", in this case you must always click the botton "it was me" from your app, to avoid an interruption of our service.
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    At this point all you need to do is create quality content. This will encourage your potential followers, who arrive on your profile thanks to the automatic interactions generated by instaXplode, to like your posts, comments on them and, why not, start following you. It's time to blow up your profile! On average, our customers get between 800 and 3000 new followers per month.

Grow your followers 24 hours a day!

Try instaXplode for 1 month!

– Receive 800-3000 new real followers a month (this is an estimate, based on previous results).

– Analysis and personalized choice of potential followers

– Follows and unfollows

– Likes on posts

– Story views (optional)

Comments on posts (optional)

Direct messages to new followers (optional)

– Assistance via email

– Final growth report

Special Price:

ONLY € 47

instead of 97 €


You are about to activate instaXplode for 1 month! The service will be activated within 48 hours of payment.

Here is a summary of how it works:

1) Let us know your target audience, the one you would like to interact with. In this regard, after the purchase you will receive an email from our team, where we will ask you to refer some username (eg: beyonce or justintimberlake) of profiles similar to yours, the credentials of your account (username and password) and if you want to activate free comments and stories views.

2) Activation of instaXplode on your profile. At this point, you may be asked by Instagram (via notification on your App or via email) to authorize an “unusual" access from an unknown device. If this happens, just click on “it was me", (confirming that you're aware of this access), especially in the first weeks, to avoid an unwanted interruption of the service!

3) Once the service is set up, we will start to interact all day with the audience you provided us with and the other pages we found, giving you amazing results! On average our customers get from 800 to over 3000 followers per month! Can you overcome these figures?

As already mentioned, the success of your profile does not only depend on instaXplode but also on your content!

You create the contents and we'll blow your profile up!

Consider that our system gradually increases its activity day by day. For this reason, in the first weeks the system does not reach the maximum performance.

Despite this, the results will surprise you. Try and decide!

Please note: after one month, instaXplode will be renewed automatically at a cost of € 97 per month until cancelled. You can, without additional costs and at any time, cancel the subscription by clicking the “cancel subscription" on your PayPal account. This way the service will continue until its expiration date and then cease.


Here's what our customers say

Every day without instaXplode is an extra day without follower!

What are you waiting for? Your Instagram profile needs explosive growth!

Frequently asked questions

  • I’m interested in trying the service, are there any obligations?

    Absolutely not, the service has no contractual obligation and can be canceled at any time. However our packages are renewed automatically at the expiration of the period. You can cancel at any time the subscription directly from your PayPal account, even before the expiration period. This way, the service will continue until its expiration and then get cancelled at no additional cost.

  • Are the followers acquired with your service real?

    This is our favorite question. InstaXplode does not guarantee an exact number of monthly growth, like many “swindlers” services on the web. The latter in fact, very often promise 1000 or 10,000 followers a month. We will not make you this promise, because only a sales service of fake followers can do it! Our method is an intelligent system that does what you would normally do (like, comment, follow the profiles of your choice). It’s as if you were managing your page 24 hours a day, interacting with other people, according to the chosen criteria. This means that it will be those people (real people) who will decide whether to follow you or not, based also on the contents of your page.

  • What criteria is used to choose the people I’ll interact with?

    The audience we’ll interact with can be selected by us, but we advise you to provide us with a list of profiles similar to yours immediately after purchase. Who better than you knows what kind of people would be interested in following your page?

  • Is instaXplode suitable for all pages?

    Absolutely yes, every profile has potential for growth, what’s needed is a method. Moreover, it must be said that each profile obtains different results, based on its contents and its niche. Those who promise 2000, 5000 or even 10,000 followers a month, regardless, can only provide false followers. Beware of these services!

  • How can I know if a service will give me real or fake followers?

    It’s very simple, first of all the false followers do not interact with your profile, this means having a few likes and comments. Imagine if a brand or a customer who is interested in your profile sees 10,000 followers but as little as 50 likes on your posts, it is very embarrassing! Another way to understand if a service is selling you fake followers is to see if it asks you for your credentials. Yes, because if it can not manage your profile in any way, all it can do is set up its fake profiles to follow your page.

  • What results can I expect?

    As you have already understood we do not promise exact results, as it would be to promise falsehood! The results depend on many factors, mainly on the quantity and quality of your contents. This can never be replaced. We will perform your interactions by bringing them to another level, so you can dedicate yourself to the content! However, based on our previous results we can say that our customers get between 800 to 3,000 followers a month.

  • After the purchase, how long until instaXplode is activated on my page?

    From receipt of payment, we will activate instaXplode on your profile within the next 48 hours, usually less. In the first days, you may receive a notification from Instagram informing you of an “unusual access”. If this happens, it’s just us logging into your account from a new location, so all you have to do is confirm you’re aware of that by clicking “It was me” on your app.

  • Is there any chance that Instagram will block my account for this explosive growth?

    Good question! Instagram is very smart, but fortunately also is instaXplode. The service will be activated gradually, this means that your interactions will grow in a linear way in the first few weeks of activation so as not to exceed Instagram’s technical limitations. In addition, your page will be managed through a dedicated proxy, so Instagram will see it a single person using it from a single location.

  • Can I use my Instagram while the service is active?

    Sure! You can use your profile as you have always, you can simply relax and think about creating content. It is advisable, however, to avoid doing too many interactions (likes, comments, follows, unfollows) as those will be added to the ones done by instaXplode.

  • Is InstaXplode expensive?

    Please consider that instaXplode is not a cost but an investment. Nowadays having a good Instagram page is practically a must, regardless of what you do. To better evaluate this investment we always ask 3 questions to our customers: How much time do you spend each month interacting with the goal of make your page grow? If the answer is more than 10 hours a month, then this investment is definitely a better choice. If we make an average of 10€/hour and you spend more than 10 hours a month for Instagram, you have spent 100€ of your time. Time that you could devote to doing what you like most, creating great content. Have you ever done an advertising campaign on Facebook (or Instagram) to get new “fans” on your page? If the answer is yes, how much do you spend on average for each new fan? Getting 1000 new fans will almost definitely cost more than 100 euros. And most of our customers get way more than 1000 new followers a month.


Please don't hesitate to contact us in case of doubts or questions. We generally reply within 24 hours. If you're a web agency wanting to offer our service to your customers, we'll be happy to grant you favourable conditions.

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