Proud Manager of the new ‘Ferrero Rocher Girl’ reveals 147 behind-the-scenes modelling secrets you must know …

How To Become A Model

This tested and proven, 108-page roadmap, shows what to do (and avoid!) so you…

  • Get Noticed
  • Get Signed
  • And produce ‘WOW’ shots that keep you getting cast

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Now read on to discover if modelling is the career for you.

Holly working as a Glam Cab Girl, a Promotional model at Goodwood Motor Sports, world famous, Revival Meeting.

Do you have what it takes to “make it” as a well-paid model?

Good news: Chances are you probably do.

And if you’re willing to follow the right path, you’ll be amazed at the legitimate opportunities available to you. Dominic was:

After reading this book, I signed up with an Extras Agency. I’ve already done two jobs. And earnt £374.

Dominic, Bristol

But first, you must know something important…

…When most people think of ‘models’ they think of the Gisele Bundchens and Cara Delevinges …strutting their stuff on the catwalk…endorsing make-up products for millions…and getting caught in sticky situations with the press.

Well it’s true. I’ll be honest.

Your chances of making it as one of these supermodels are indeed slim.

Even if you “have it all” (a height of 5’9”+, 32” chest, 24” waist, 34” hips and perfect features) you still need luck.

And even if you have luck on your side, there are scouts in every major city – looking for the next “hot young thing” to replace you.

Yes, it is brutal. But here’s the good news:

This cut-throat world of fashion modelling counts for only 9% of the entire industry!

Your glorious

There are bags of other legitimate, well-paying opportunities available to you.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what experience you have, or whether you fit the ‘look’ of a typical model.

Let me help you find, approach and get these gigs, so you launch your career in the quickest possible time. It’s all laid out bare in my new easy-to-follow manual…

‘How To Become A Model:
The tested and proven path to getting noticed, signed and cast’

And it gets a whole lot better…

Let’s suppose you do have the figure of a Barbie doll (or a muscular Adonis if you’re a guy). You can use these well-paid opportunities as stepping stones to supermodel stardom.

You’re far more likely to get noticed, because you have opened these doors and rubbed shoulders with powerful people on the inside.

However, let’s pull back for a moment…

Let’s focus on starting your modelling career the right way…

…While avoiding all those perilous pitfalls that lurk ahead

I'd like to order right now - I have read enough

Let me explain:

My name is Edwin Hoskison. I’ve spent 25 years in marketing and advertising. And yes, this meant dealing extensively with models and their agencies – often on a weekly basis. However…

I never saw the dangerous realities of modelling until it came
MUCH closer to home

You see, I’m not just the new ‘Ferrero Rocher Girl.’ Holly Hoskison's manager

I’m also her father.

It was a Saturday. Holly came home distraught; her eyes bloodshot.

“What’s the matter, little one” I asked.

Holly said nothing. She fled up the stairs, slammed her bedroom door and didn’t come out again all day.

It wasn’t until I opened her laptop I saw it all…

…High pressure emails from fake agencies – trawling for ludicrous sign-up fees and unnecessary portfolio shoots…

…Scams on every corner…

Holly had lost most of her savings on a photographer promising the world – but who actually knew nothing about the modelling business.

Then I researched some more and…

When I saw what could have happened I was frightened
beyond belief

I saw the industry’s sleazy and sinister underbelly: “Agencies” used as baiting nets for luring young girls into porn.

Holly was still only 16.

I had to do something drastic.

So I took the reins – told the scammers to take a hike. Then I used my experience as a modelling-buyer to help Holly find legitimate, quality opportunities.

The sort of opportunities YOU can now use to build a solid foundation for a long, successful career.

Surely they can't all be deluded

Reading this book opened my eyes to the challenges of becoming a model. And it includes good advice on how to address these hurdles. Maria, Cambridge
I didn’t know acting was such an important part of being a model. But I do now! I’ve just enrolled on an evening course to learn how to act. Charlie, Brighton
Following Holly’s experiences really made the hints and tips in this book come to life. I could really relate to Holly’s journey Amy, Warwick

I'd like to order right now - I have read enough

If you’re a parent of an aspiring model you're clued up in only 1-2 hours of reading. It helps you keep them safe.

And if you’re a modelling hopeful yourself…

…You’re given a proven, foolproof system – mapped out from
behind the scenes

147 inside secrets most models only discover through error, rejection and heartache. Including…

  • Where modelling success really begins (page 8)
  • the little known approach missed by almost everyone scrambling for work. Turn to page 9 and you’ll have the perspective agencies and clients are desperate for
  • A common misconception – revealed on page 10 – which costs new models their savings
  • How the modelling business works. You can carry on working blindly against the system – getting rejected and frustrated. Or you can turn to page 12 and make life easy
  • Why the most successful models are also the smartest. (And what you must know if you wish to join them). It’s all on page 13, plus…

What’s wrong with this shot? As a newbie it’s difficult to know. Yet there are several reasons this shot would make many an agent cringe. In ‘How To Become A Model’ you’re shown how to prep your portfolio – and find the right photographer – so you have more agents shouting ‘YES!’

  • …The first 3 questions on every agent’s mind before hiring you. (You probably know the first. You may know the second. You definitely do NOT know the third).
  • The #1 pitfall you must consider before becoming a model. Are you at risk? Read pages 14-15 and find out.
  • A skill which could skyrocket your success. Most models shy away from doing this. Yet it is THE biggest reason behind Holly’s fast success. Turn to page 16 and commit to doing the same
  • ‘The Diva Myth’ – and other modelling misconceptions which are guaranteed to make your phone go dead (page 17)
  • How a simple email could snowball your openings and opportunities. What to write…who to write…when to write it…(also on page 17)
  • How to make your director’s life a breeze, so they ask for you again (page 18)
  • 3 easy ways to take full control of your career. Follow the steps on page 19 and everything gets smoother
  • The mental hurdle that’s hampering your success. Read page 21 carefully and you’ll be over this for good
  • 16 modelling opportunities to launch your career now. (Read pages 21-28). Pick the ones which best match your attributes and personality

I'd like to order right now - I have read enough

Most aspiring models are stuck in a rut. Why?

Because they do not know how many opportunities exist – or how to get them.

Look: Everyone has weaknesses. Heck…

Holly stopped growing at 5’4”

You will NEVER see her on the catwalk.

Yet her first job was a television advert for Ferrero Rocher.

It took ONE day and paid £581.05 (about $750 USD).

Once you understand your ‘look’ you know how to do the same. You know which agencies to approach, and what to say – so you get…

  • Fewer rejections
  • More castings
  • Faster success

Holly’s first modelling gig was a television advert for Ferrero Rocher. This single day paid her £581.05. ‘How To Become A Model’ won’t turn you into an overnight Adriana Lima. But if you’re willing to follow these steps, you too can earn good money as a model – faster than you think.

And the more you follow this tested and proven process, the more often your phone rings.

Because you’re also shown…

  • The largest untapped opportunity for paid modelling gigs. (You can do this – whatever your size, shape, age or ethnicity). See page 23
  • Look at everything
    you'll learn

  • Over 40? Here’s an easy way to turn your age to your advantage (page 24)
  • Parents: Here’s a 2-page crash course on child modelling. (Jump to pages 25-26)
  • Why your ‘worst’ attributes could be your greatest strength. See pages 27-28 for ideas
  • 12 personality essentials for getting cast over and over. Read and re-read pages 29-35. It doesn’t matter if you’re the next Kendal Jenner. If you lack these qualities you will never get rehired
  • What your director is DYING to get from you – but never asks for (page 31)
  • How to bounce back from rejections so fast success becomes downright inevitable (page 35)
  • Do you need modelling school? (Turn to page 36)
  • 3 portfolio shots which make agents shout, “Yes. Yes! YES!” (page 37) And…
  • …3 questions your portfolio must answer instantly before they pick up the phone to call you
  • What your portfolio is really about – and why even experienced models are losing work getting this wrong (page 39)
  • 4 ways to ‘filter your phone’ - so you only get casting calls for work that’s right for you (page 40)
  • How to make your portfolio match your modelling ‘look’ for more high-paying opportunities (page 41)
  • Why most photographers get portfolio shots dead wrong (page 41). And…
  • …How to find a photographer who can shoot you an amazing portfolio that gets you hired (page 42). And…
  • …How to use your portfolio photographer to shave months off your learning curve (also on page 42)
  • What to wear for your portfolio shoot. BEWARE: Your first ideas are probably wrong. Turn to page 45. Better safe than sorry
  • Why too many photos can harm your chances (page 46-47)
  • What your portfolio should cost. (Most aspiring models are paying double – even treble – this number. Page 47 alone could recoup the cost of this book 10 times over)
  • What professional models always carry that unemployed models don't (page 48)

‘Girl Next Door’ is one of many ‘looks’ top brands like Ferrero Rocher are constantly hunting for. I reveal another 15 of these looks – and help match you with the right one - so you get more call-backs, more gigs and faster success as a model.

I'd like to order right now - I have read enough

Are you ready to start your modelling career the right way?

There's no risk with your cast-iron, 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee.

What’s more…

You can expect the ‘Portfolio’ section alone to pay your
investment back 10 times over -
Perhaps more…

After all, this is where you’re most likely to get fleeced, scammed and pressured into paying way over the odds.

And few people – even experienced models and photographers – understand…

Your portfolio is not about you!

It’s about the decision-maker and how you fit their needs.

In ‘How To Become A Model’ I show you precisely how to construct a portfolio which makes these decision-makers shout ‘YES!’

More modelling
secrets revealed

And that’s STILL not all.

You are also shown…

  • How to significantly boost your chances of getting ‘in’ with an agency fast (page 50)
  • The first reason modelling applicants get rejected. (Avoid this mistake on page 50)
  • What agencies REALLY want (and it’s not looks). See page 51
  • The ’15-minute’ rule which makes agents clap their hands with glee (page 52)
  • Why you should NEVER wear jewellery to your interview. (Seriously. Anything more than a wedding ring could be the kiss of death for your career. Page 54 explains why)
  • How to make your first 30 seconds with an agent count (page 54)
  • What top models do that most others avoid (see page 55 and join those getting booked out with castings)
  • You’re accepted by an agency. You can relax now, right? Wrong…sadly. But pages 57-59 make the next steps simple
  • How many agencies should you sign with? (See page 60)
  • Your most important legal contract explained in plain English (pages 61-62)
  • How to ‘WOW’ everyone at casting – even if you’re the least experienced candidate. (Start at page 63)
  • 7 easy tips for turning a cold read into a hot opportunity. Once you master these, your pool of potential gigs drastically expands. It’s all on page 65. Then discover…
  • 13 easy ways to stand out at casting (page 66)
  • Examples of
    what you
    can expect

  • How Holly beat 120 more experienced models for the Ferrero Rocher gig. (Start on page 68). Her producer actually shouted, “That’s the way to do a casting, girl!”
  • How to use rejection to become unstoppable. All models get rejected. You will too. So you may as well turn to page 74 and be among the few who use this to their advantage
  • Congratulations! You got the job! You can pop open the bubbly now, right? Well, you could. But first, you should follow the quick, easy steps on page 76, because they’ll make you look like a seasoned pro
  • Shooting do's and don’ts (page 78)
  • What happens on a shoot? (Read page 80 onwards and you’ll know exactly what to expect)
  • All your legal and financial worries explained – in plain English, from pages 87-90. Understand how your fees work and you’ll never get ripped off by anyone
  • Scam alert! Modelling scams and how to avoid them (page 91). Plus…
  • 15 easy tips to scam-proof your career
  • FAQs: Do you have tattoos? What about body piercings? Cosmetic surgery? What should agencies cover in your costs? All these questions – and more – answered from page 98

I'd like to order right now - I have read enough

With this much information packed into 108 pages, you can surely see…

Your modelling career would be hazardous to navigate alone

Yet going alone is also needless.

Because you're free to read, re-read and apply EVERYTHING in this easy-to-follow guide without risking a single penny.

Order your copy of How To Become A Model: The tested and proven path to getting noticed, signed and cast today.

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Look: There are hopeful models paying hundreds – even thousands – more than they should on portfolio shots alone. Worse, you could be making mistakes which REPEL those legitimate, well-paid opportunities you deserve.

"It’s so frustrating", says Trudi Tapscott, an industry expert. “Every day I meet countless would-be models. Unfortunately, they simply don’t know the basics of the industry. Or how to model. And sadly, as a result, most are doomed to fail.”

Please don’t be one of those people ‘doomed to fail.’

Not for the sake of £19.97.

If you are serious about making it as a model, prove it to yourself. Pull off the handbrake. And do it now – like a true professional would.

You really

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How To Become A Model: The tested and proven path to getting noticed, signed and cast

Nevertheless, whatever you decide, I wish you the very best.


P.S. in just 108 pages, you discover 147 behind the scenes modelling secrets you must know ...

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