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Brand New For February 2019:
THE GREAT HEIST: Claim Your Slice of This Giant Honey-Pot In What Experts Are CallingThe New Internet…”
February 20th, 2019
From: Steven Carter
Re: The Great Heist, Your Future Profits

You know the first rule of fight club, right?

Well, I need you to keep what I’m about to share with you under wraps for the time being.


I’m not naive enough to think you haven’t heard it all before - but what I’m about to share with you today, for FREE, is different. 

I cannot be any more absolute… 

It stands in a category of its own.

If you give me just 3 minutes and 45 seconds of your time reading this short letter today - I’ll prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have the key to financial freedom.

But look, it’s not all rainbows…

As I’m sure you know, the world is a mess right now. We’re living in frightening times.

Yet, what I’m going to share with you today may not only be 2019’s most profitable insider secret…

It may be one of the biggest opportunities of all time - so much so, that I believe this will go down in history as “The Great Heist” as money literally floods in to the hands of those who are in the know.

And better yet, I’m going to share with you how you can get this powerful secret today, for FREE.
But look, I didn’t always have the kind of luck I’m going to let you in on today…

At 49 years old, after being a baker in my family business for over 20 years…

Our business failed - overnight, it was gone.

I lost my home.

Somehow, my wife stayed by my side during this - but we had some of the toughest times of our marriage, and I don’t think many women are as strong as her.

It was devastating, so say the least…

I read a report last week that said every single day more than 27,643 jobs in America alone are lost.

Worldwide? Yikes. It’s even worse.

After my family business that my dad had worked his whole life for crumbled to the ground, I spent countless sleepless nights online, trying to make ends meet.

I can’t even remember how many products I bought that promised the world…

… I just know that nothing worked. 

Have you ever felt like you were a failure? 

Have you failed to make even one measly dollar online?
Trust Me, I Understand
And look, there’s good and bad news… first, it’s not your fault.

The way these products are structured, it’s doomed from the get-go.

We get sold the equivalent of spoilt milk… The methods in these products expired long ago.

First, let’s take a look at some of the common obstacles faced when trying to make money online…
The 4 Most-Cited Obstacles Blocking Online Wealth Creation
First... is money itself.

“It takes money to make money” is the all too common saying... But if that were true, I’d still be painting walls for $10 an hour.

It doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars to start earning online.

A McDonalds franchise costs around $750,000 and business school over $100,000... 

You can start your own online business for well under $300. 

We’re living through exciting times right now. 

Even if you only had $50 in your pocket, you can be on your way to earning online.

The great thing with money is that it replenishes every month. 

You get more of it. You can borrow it, or use credit cards for leverage. You can find junk around your house and turn that in to your business fund by flipping it on eBay or Craigslist.

There’s no excuse for not earning online these days - and money certainly isn’t something that should hold you back.

If you don’t have the resourcefulness to gather up $100 to invest in your future - you’re probably not cut out for success, period.

My short time on this Earth has taught me two things... 

You’re either good at making money or you’re good at making excuses - but never both at the same time. 

So choose the right one.

The second obstacle is time.

I get it, we’re all pushed for time. 

Unlike money, once time is spent, we don’t get it back... So time is perhaps the biggest obstacle of all.

The great thing is, having an online income stream will give you more free time than you can shake a stick at.

If you’re short on time, then this was created for people like you. 

It’s designed to unlock the freedom you deserve. 

So forget about not having the time... You could potentially soon have all the free time you desire.

You only need to spare one hour per week to get started.
The third obstacle is ability.

You might think you don’t have what it takes to learn new skills, or maybe you think you’re not techy enough to be able to make money on the Internet.

You’re wrong.

Provided you have the right processes to follow, starting up an online income stream can be “paint by numbers” simple.

If it was only the eggheads and PhD’s who could do this, they’d have all the money - but I’ve found that they usually end up working for normal people like you and me.

You can have no skills, experience or knowledge and still potentially pillage daily profits of up to $456, $874 or even $1250 each and every day from the webs many profit pockets.

If you have the right processes to follow, ability is not an obstacle.

The fourth and final obstacle I need your help with.

I can help with the first 3.

But the fourth is FEAR...

And I need your help to tackle that one.

The easiest thing to do is stay inside your comfort zone and do what you’ve always done...

But do what you’ve always done and you’ll get what you’ve always got - and we both know that’s not good enough.

Making mistakes is normal. We’re all human. But when you have a proven process to follow you can make mistakes all the way to the bank and still come out on top.

What you’re getting access to today gives you every unfair advantage possible as well as proven processes - it stacks the deck in your favour.

Make a commitment right now:

Fear is not going to make you poor.

Make that powerful commitment right now - because without that, you’ll never get the success you rightfully deserve.

Now that I’ve addressed the most common obstacles against success, I hope you’re fired up and feeling more confident than ever...

Are you ready to take your game to the next level and finally head towards true financial freedom?

Good, then let me get in to the good stuff…

For me, things changed around 6 months ago, when I first learned an advanced technique that allowed me to reverse engineer successful Internet profit campaigns…

You can think of this technique as “ethical wiretapping”. 

Using specialised paid tools usually reserved for big Silicon Valley type companies that mine data, I was able to reverse engineer a slew of currently profitable online earning methods…

But one of them in particular, shocked me to the core.

It’s so simple and unsuspecting - it’s been under our noses this whole entire time…

The craziest thing is, the method is completely free to implement and uses a common feature on a website you likely already use…

This secret has produced for me the kind of money in the screenshots the “gurus” show you but you’re NEVER able to reproduce.

It turns out several industry experts are already catching on to this, with one analyst calling this “the new Internet”…

This unbelievable new profit opportunity might surprise you. And I’m giving you the detailed report on it for FREE, today.

I’m talking about…
FB Groups: The Little Known ‘Profit Group’ Technique That Pillages A $4.7billion Market… 
Now, hear me out here.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Facebook Groups before.

You might even be a member of one, or maybe even a dozen.

They’re simply a way to form a “community” inside of the Facebook social network, that anyone can join and discuss and interact with other members of the group.

But you probably haven’t heard much about the small group of marketers who’re making 7-figure sums with their own Facebook Groups, all over the world…

I certainly hadn’t.

There is a small group of people who’ve figured this out, and nailed it down to an art and science… and I cracked the code.

The first Facebook Group I launched has over 20,000 members - I didn’t pay a dime for any of them - and is currently earning me an average of $579 each and every day, on complete autopilot.

And here’s the kicker.

You can create as many groups as you wish.

And outside of a small insider circle, nobody has caught on to this way to monetise Facebook Groups yet…

You don’t need to write content, you don’t need any technical skills, you literally just follow the blueprint that’s been refined and laid out to launch as many groups as you want.

Just choose one of the many topics we recommend, for example ‘golf’ or ‘pets’… 

And start your Profit Group which has the potential to make hundreds of dollars each and every day in affiliate commissions… a booming $4.7billion dollar market.

This is the equivalent of a digital land grab… You can think of each Facebook Group as a piece of real estate… and you can get in before the big rush is on.
Introducing “The Great Heist”: The Worlds First & Only Facebook Profit Group Blueprint For Complete Beginners
Here’s what the blueprint inside of The Great Heist did for me…

- Produced me rapid-fire profits to the tune of up to $1,563 per DAY
- Facebook Profit Groups are set up in no time flat and work 24/7, even while I sleep
- Bought my dream car, moved in to a new luxury Condo, and bought my wife an entire new wardrobe

You must be thinking that all sounds great and that I’m some kind of super genius, but…
This Isn't All My Doing
Ultimately, I have to thank Jamie Cook.

As well as a razor sharp data engineer, he’s also a crack squash player.

Without his generosity to allow me a free trial in to the data mining tool that enabled me to gleam these insights, I would’ve never knew about this opportunity right under my nose…

This tool costs thousands of dollars per month, and it’s so powerful it’s often referred to as “legal wiretapping”. It reveals exactly how people are making money on the Internet right now, that minute.

And the findings enabled me to develop this incredible blueprint contained within The Great Heist.

And today - I want to give you access to the full blueprint… for FREE.

I’ve not gone crazy. 

And yes, there is a small catch…

You see, aside from this simple and powerful method exploiting what I call Facebook Profit Groups inside of The Great Heist report, the data mining tool didn’t only uncover this one secret.

And as I mentioned, things change online FAST. Like, really fast.

There’s another secret I obtained from the tool I’m currently using to pull in another $562 per day on average.

And then there’s another, that’s reeling in around $650 each day on average.

This stuff all stacks up. And it’s life-changing, to say the least.

There are new methods uncovered every month - sometimes, they only work for a few months… so it’s essential you move FAST on some of these.

And for that reason, I created an exclusive “insiders only” club, called…


Club Heist is always up to date. When something new comes around, or something changes, it’s updated in the club at blistering speed.

Every single month, the very latest in income generating strategy is added to the club.

I’ve had some so called “gurus” try to pay me thousands of dollars to NOT share some of the secrets inside the club. 

The roadmap literally has them shaking in their boots - it’s time to give the power back to the people.

Inside the club, we’re covering all of these income generation methods and more...

  •  WHAT'S WORKING NOW. Each month, we cover a brand new topic and strategy that is making cold-hard cash RIGHT NOW. Some of these strategies have never been heard of before! (Value: $1,997)
  •  eCommerce. The multi-trillion dollar industry exploding at rapid pace. Shopify, dropshipping, Amazon - it’s all here and updated every month (Value: $997)
  •  Cryptocurrency. There’s a volcano brewing in this space, and our insider reports are laying out exactly what you need to know... so that when the “profit explosion” hits, you fill your pockets with the raining gold. PLUS, we reveal how to get dozens of Cryptocurrencies for FREE (yes, this really works) (Value: $1,997)
  •  Affiliate marketing. You can get paid hundreds of dollars for selling other people’s products. But what’s the best way? Every month, we lay out the cutting edge techniques (Value: $497)
  •  Money For Surveys. Need some quick wins? You can get paid for filling in short surveys around the world (Value: $497)
  •  Cutting-Edge Software. Yes, there is software that can automate many of the tedious income generation tasks out there - and we’ll hand the very latest to you each and every month (Value: $2,997)
This is just a small selection of the kind of wealth generation strategies we’re covering inside CLUB HEIST.

And I’ll let you in a little secret… 

The most powerful strategies? I’m NOT mentioning here - for obvious reasons. They’re for members only.

And look - I understand you might be skeptical, or have been burned before. Me too, too many times to count.

So for that reason, I’m including the full “The Great Heist” blueprint completely FREE when you take a trial membership of Club Heist today.

You’re NOT going to be being charged the regular $97 per month cost for Club Heist. Not even close.

For a small enrollment fee of just $9 today, you can join me in CLUB HEIST and receive instant access to The Great Heist blueprint completely FREE… one of the largest profit opportunities the world has ever seen.

And after your 14 day free trial period, you’ll be grandfathered in CLUB HEIST for the shockingly low cost of just $37.

Your only payment today is $9.

But that’s not all.

You’re also covered by a bulletproof 60 day guarantee, which extends even after your initial 14 day CLUB HEIST trial period…

So you have an insane 74 days access, completely risk free. 

Get 2 months worth of insiders secrets, plus an unannounced package of bonuses, without any risk on your part.

Ultimately, I’m offering this incredible opportunity for testimonials. I’ll be launching a high-end mastermind group for elite online earners… and I need testimonials for everyday folk like you and me. 

So if you’re ready to finally see the success you deserve, then hit the Get Started button below right now, and for just $9 today you’ll receive access to both CLUB HEIST and the incredible The Great Heist FB Profit Group system.

Do not miss out on this limited time offer. 

You can claim your share of the profits with no experience required. It’s so easy, a child could do it. 

If you need to justify the expense, skip going out for dinner once this month or ditch Starbucks for a few days and it's paid for.
Enrol Today For Just $9 (14 Days Trial Access) - $37 p/m thereafter - 60 day guarantee - cancel anytime
My “Iron-Clad” You’ll Love 
60 Day Guarantee
Guaranteed! If for any reason you think this isn’t the best money you’ve ever spent, then just send me an email and I’ll gladly refund the entire amount - up to a whole 60 DAYS after purchase.

Try it completely risk free for 60 days. See both this months AND next months wealth-generating content without any risk what-so-ever.

- Steven
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