We've Been Lied To: Popular Pickup Methods Do Not Work For UGLY. MEN.
Ugly. Man. Game.

You've Already Heard All The "Secrets"

Cold Approach

When you see a girl, go 'open' her and just see what happens. Build comfort with her, then attraction, build the attraction, get her comfortable with you escalating things physically, and let nature take its course.


Nothing turns a woman off faster than a desperate, needy, clingy man. Give her time to miss you and think about you, and make herself fall in love with you. As a wise man famously said "Give her the gift of missing you."

Man of Value

Women love the high value alpha males, so display higher value through body language, clothing, speaking loudly, gaining status, breaking rapport, showing you're interested but can walk away at any time ect. ect. ect.

Deep Inner Game

Take everything you've learned about women/dating/psychology/sociology and more, and apply it all in real life every day until your inner game is so deep that you're absolutely unstoppable when it comes to women and dating.


It's all good information but nothing new right?

And definitely nothing secret...

If it really is good information though, then why haven't you been getting results with it?

That's an extremely fair question with an extremely unfair answer...


Fifteen years ago it truly did not matter if you were ugly. If you learned game, and you applied what you learned, you got results. It was really insane, but it's not 15 years ago anymore and guess what?
  • Randomly 'approach' every girl you see.
  • Have cool 'Alpha Male' body language.
  • Speak very loudly and manly and speak with authority.
  • Build your social status until you have famous or rich friends who hang out with women. (WHATDAFUQ?!?!)
  • Start dressing and acting different to stand out.
  • Thinking that you, an Ugly. Man. would ever in a million years attract women the same way the 'hot' guys do and the average to good looking multi-millionaires teaching what people still call 'pickup'.
  • Watch hippie videos and get in touch with your feelings and cry.
  • Lay down in public and yell loudly. (didn't get sex after that big move?!?!)
  • Acting like a 'New Age' hipster making 100k thrice a day when you're not.
  • Trying what works for decent to good looking semi-famous multi-millionaires when you're broke and ugly, then wondering why it's not working for you.
  • Spending $500 to watch other guys do it, and tell you that you can do it too! (If you're a fan, that's totally cool, if you want results... fool me once, shame on you...) It may work for other guys, but WE aren't other guys...

We, are UGLY. MEN.

We do things differently.

Okay, to be fair we do need to know the basics of what these 'popular pua's' are teaching, BUT, if we're UGLY, and we ONLY go to THEM for advice... What good is that advice when every guy better looking than you and is better than you in every way also has that same advice?
On top of that, you aren't an average to good looking semi-famous high status, well connected multi-millionaire surrounded by yes men, models, money, business execs, and celebrities, so why oh why oh why on EARTH would YOU THINK that YOU would be able to attract women in the same way as THEM?!?!?
If "THEY" give you RESULTS, then why would you buy the new hot $500 product from each member of the pick up team every couple months??? "THEY" have grand financial interest to keep you ignorant, and masturbaiting. That keeps you buying.
Here at The Augustine Experiments, we don't fu%! around, and by we, I mean I. I don't fu%! around. You're getting results, or I'm not keeping your money, it's as simple as that. I'll make more products, sure, but this one is all you'll ever need.
I'm here to save your fu%ing life, not suck you into my funnel and suck your wallet dry.


Today, a pu55y slaying pickup GOD is born.



The Most Rock Solid, Results Causing Product Designed To Get You Laid EVER CREATED Hands Down, Bar None.

image-photography"Game used to be a secret short cut that us Ugly. Men. could use to stay in the race when it comes to women and dating. For a short time, game was super under ground, so it worked super well. It worked so well in fact, that the 'hot' guys, and the average looking and up guys, stopped making fun of us for studying it, and they started studying it themselves.

In a nutshell, us UGLY. MEN. (slow runners) were keeping up with, and beating the 'hot' guys (fast runners) AND THEY FOUND OUR FU%ING SHORT CUT. Now what?!?! FU%!

If they're faster than us, and they know the shortcut we use to beat them, then HOW THE FU%!ING FU%! ARE WE EVER GOING TO BEAT THEM AGAIN?!?!??!

I saw this problem coming. YEARS AGO. I'm 30 years old now and I got into game/pua and all that when I was 17. Back then it was WAY underground, but it was the beginning of pickup becoming mainstream. Before that, it was even more underground. A few years into 'game' one of the main pua's you've for sure heard of got a big TV show, and stuff just REALLY started taking off from there, and it was at that moment, I knew we were fu%ed.

All jokes aside, I could see game getting more and more mainstream. I could see the future. The future we are living in RIGHT NOW. A future where game is common knowledge. A future where us UGLY. MEN. will have not a fighting fu%ing shot at attracting a woman over a 'hot' guy. A guy that's socially acceptable for her to be with. A guy that is everything that WE, are not. So what did I do??? I believe God lead me to do this, but I don't want to get religious, but what I did, was I prepared for the future. I turned my studies and focus, and I went deeper. And I went darker. I went down a path I had to go down in order to "future proof" my success with women, as an UGLY. MAN.

I went DEEP into psychology, sociology, suggestion, persuasion, influence, and more, and I combined it all with game, and all of my experiences 'gaming' as an Ugly. Man. and it all just mixed into the perfect cocktail that gave me the key that would allow us Ugly. Men. to EFFORTLESSLY attract women over guys who are more attractive than us in every way, looks, money, wealth, health, friends, family, fun, EVERYTHING. I could easily have kept this information to myself, but things are getting BAD for us UGLY. MEN. Just look around. Girls are socially conditioned to not date us, or be with us physically or romantically, and every edge we had with game, all the better guys know. Without the methods I developed over the years, as Ugly. Men. WE'RE FU%ED. Want to be single for life? Want to go gay? Put on a dress? Have porn and a fleshlight be the closest thing to sex you ever get??? Want to give up when all hope is dead OR DO YOU WANT TO FU%ING RISE WHEN ALL HOPE IS DEAD? Listen, friend... We're taking our fu%ing women back. THIS IS OUR TIME!

I took EVERYTHING I know and laid it all out in a 67 'book' Bible that EVERY UGLY. MAN. MUST HAVE, unless they gave up on ever actually having real women, physically, in real life.

"It's EXTREMELY Important This Information Stays Underground Between Us UGLY. MEN. ONLY."
Inside of The 67 Ways of Ugly Program You Are Going to Discover:
  • Game The UGLY. MAN. Way: Listen. It's not 15 years ago anymore. Every guy better than you now knows game. Why will learning game make a girl choose you over a guy better than you that also knows game? As UGLY. MEN. we HAVE to have a different approach if we want real life results with women. Once you learn what works for us Ugly. Men. you'll actually start dating girls, sleeping with them, being friends, fwb's... You'll be in control of your dating life, just how nature intended. You are a MAN. You weren't born with a penis to look at it, and wiggle it. Want to know what your penis is there for? Join Team Ugly, go through The 67 Ways of Ugly Program and find out... Fu%! it, i'll just tell you. Your penis is there for the sole purpose of going into a woman's vagina. That and mushroom stamps.
  • Suggestion/Persuasion/Ugly: This is sh!t I shouldn't know, and shouldn't be sharing with you. The power of persuasion and suggestion alone is overkill. Direct it and combine it with the techniques you need to know to have success with women while ugly... First you'll feel sick. Then you'll feel like you're going to get in trouble. Then, you're going to realize you have fully legal power to reign as King with this information and shine in front of your friends attracting DIMES while they have no idea how you're doing it.
  • Ugly Online - The Key To Finding Sex Online When Ugly: Life isn't all about sex, but when you're not getting sex, then all you can think about is sex and you become insanely desperate for sex, and spend years of your life chasing sex, instead of having sex. Once you KNOW how to attract women online as an Ugly. Man. (you need a MUCH different approach when ugly) then you'll be able to get sex pretty easily since there's many women online, and once you can easily get sex, your desperate need for sex goes away, and you're able to enjoy and thrive in all areas of life WAY more,and with that desperate need for sex lifted off your shoulders, attracting women in real life will MAGICALLY become way the fu%! easier.
  • Discover The Missing Pieces To Your Game: There's just WAY to fu%!ing much in The 67 Ways of Ugly Program for me to list everything you're going to learn here, unless you feel like reading for the next 2 hours. When you Join Team Ugly and receive your copy of The 67 Ways of Ugly... You're going to learn EVERYTHING you're missing, and or doing wrong, and you will INSTANTLY be able to fix it, and INSTANTLY begin enjoying success with women!!! You could literally fu%! a chick tonight with this information. 466 pages of RAW fu%!ing information that one day may literally be seen as too powerful to legally share...
We've Only Scratched The Fu%ing Surface
The 67 Ways of Ugly is 466 pages of PURE FU%ING GOLD, but it's only scratching the surface of what's REALLY stopping you from success with women.
What I believe to be the TRUE & MAIN cause of lack in your life when it comes to women and dating lies on a deep, DEEP level of your mind. The 67 Ways of Ugly gives you the most powerful techniques now made available to man for attracting women while UGLY. Remember... WE ARE NOT GOOD LOOKING. We can't attract women in the same ways "THEY" do. WE, are UGLY. MEN. We do things differently.
Team Ugly isn't about masking the problem, which is what The 67 Ways of Ugly is. It's a bandaid. Sure it will get you laid, girlfriends, wives, whatever you want using the information found inside of The 67 Ways of Ugly, but you still won't have that TRUE and DEEP INNER transformation. I want you to experience what it's like to feel power.
Your Subconscious Mind Is Stopping You From Success With Women
That's where The T.U.S.S.Mp3 comes into play. (The Team Ugly Secret Subliminal Mp3). When you Join Team Ugly, not only will you gain the invaluable conscious understanding of how to 'game' women when you're an Ugly. Man. You're ALSO going to be healed COMPLETELY on a subconscious level, and even if you don't believe in it. YOU NEED THIS>>> BADLY.
What is the T.U.S.S. Mp3?
The T.U.S.S. Mp3 (Short for The Team Ugly Secret Subliminal Mp3) is a subliminal mp3 designed to COMPLETELY re-wire your brain on a subconscious level so that absolute success with women, is absolutely inevitable, and becomes your absolute true reality in real life to really live.
  • The most advanced, results causing, high tech SEX MAGNET subliminal mp3 EVER created.
Stop spending $500 for anxiety when you can Join Team Ugly RIGHT NOW, and actually get results using The T.U.S.S. Mp3. The most advanced, high tech, and properly scripted sex magnet subliminal ever created.
  • FINALLY get your subconscious mind ON YOUR SIDE!
With your subconscious mind on your side... you're unstoppable. With the information inside The 67 Ways of Ugly Program alone, you're unstoppable, but this... This makes it DEEP. Are you ready for things to start going your way?
  • Your Key to Unlocking Infinite Sexual Abundance.
I know you think this is bullsh!t now, and sounds too good to be true, and if you still feel that way in 60 days, I'll give you ALL of your money back. I make the most advanced, high tech RESULTS CAUSING subliminal mp3's the world has ever seen, and you WILL NOT find this level of technology anywhere else. If you witnessed what MY subliminals have done for me, in my life... You'd literally suck my d!ck for this, and I'm asking for WAY less than a bj. (arguably)
The T.U.S.S. Mp3 Is Designed to do ALL of the Following:
"The T.U.S.S. Mp3 is the most high-tech SEX MAGNET subliminal mp3 EVER CREATED thanks to what I believe to be God leading me to realize the most powerful build, and scripting methods possible, that nobody else knows about, or will ever think of."

  • TURBO BOOST YOUR SELF-ESTEEM: This boost of self esteem on its own is more than enough reason to get on Team Ugly! Your self-esteem going up is going to make every area of your life go up! When your self-esteem is high, attracting women becomes automatic, because you automatically become attractive.
  • ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOURSELF: When you absolutely love yourself, and I'm talking on a deep honest level, not just consciously saying you love yourself, but actually loving yourself... That self love is going to lead to self acceptance, and that's going to naturally destroy approval seeking, it's going to make you become a person people will love and accept, and the most important part... All of that self love is going to SKYROCKET your vibration whether you believe in it or not, and you will be beaming positive energy and it's going to automatically manifest a better life for you in all sorts of ways, and the longer you're on Team Ugly using The T.U.S.S. Mp3, the better things are going to get so, why not use this for life? Long story short, actual absolute self love, meaning real and genuine self love on an extremely deep level, that's going to improve your life in WAY more ways than just having women in your life for dating, friends, flings, relationships, marriage, what have you...
  • SUPER CHARGE YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE: This is another hidden gem that won't really make you feel super excited to join Team Ugly, but when you do decide to join Team Ugly, you'll see that this super charged confidence you gain affects your life in more ways than one. Even on an extremely small scale, have you ever wanted to speak up, make a comment, say a joke, show one of your talents, a number of things, but you just couldn't do it? Yea, with self-confidence, you'll do those things automatically. Don't worry, the Team Ugly Secret Subliminal mp3 is not designed to force you to do anything, so it's not like you'll find yourself at a bonfire, and you're going to feel your subconscious mind trying to force you to showcase your talents or something like that. You'll just have the confidence to do it if you want to. The confidence to act in spite of fear. This new confidence is going to make women OBSESSED with you.
  • OBTAIN AN IRRESISTIBLE PRESENCE: This will be due to a combination of things including but not limited to your self confidence, self love, self respect, self approval, new found charisma, all sorts of stuff. Your whole entire presence is going to shift, and this new irresistible presence you obtain through using the Team Ugly Secret Subliminal Mp3 is going to heal your social life, if you want a social life. (some of us are loners/anti-social/keep a few close friends by choice) People in general will feel good just being in the same room as you, you'll notice people wanting to talk to you more, invite you places more, you may even notice people standing really close to you, they won't know why, but it's because you'll have a presence that draws them to you, a lot of times they won't even be aware that they're doing it. In the beginning, you'll convince yourself these little things that happen are coincidences, or placebo, but as the weeks, months, and years go by, you'll know this sh!t is just mother f#%king crazy as f*%k. Women won't be able to stay away from you now.
  • FEEL INSANELY GOOD: When you feel good, you look good, and when you look good, women become attracted to you. On The T.U.S.S. Mp3, you're going to be loaded with good emotions everyday, and whether you believe in it or not, the better you feel, the better your life becomes in every possible way. The key to life is feeling good, and your goal of every moment should be to feel even better. It's some deep esoteric sh!t I'm not going to talk about, but if you take what I just said there to heart, then you're golden for life now, and don't take that as me saying you should dive into esotericism, you shouldn't, but I'm not your dad or your boss, I'm just saying my opinion.
  • LIVE A LIFE THAT YOU LOVE: The 'Team Ugly Secret Subliminal mp3' is going to give your life an overall boost. If you're not enjoying life, then women are not going to be attracted to you, well, actually you could attract women that also hate their lives, but in general it's going to be easier for you to attract women if your life gets better and you start enjoying life in general, so yea, if the following days, weeks, months, and years it seems like your life just keeps getting better for no reason, yea, it's because you're smart and you joined Team Ugly.
  • ALWAYS HAVE FUN: It's easy for women to be attracted to men that are always having fun, so The T.U.S.S. mp3 is designed to make it so you have fun, all the time. That doesn't mean you'll always be doing something fun, but if what you're doing isn't fun, don't be surprised if you find yourself having fun doing it. Don't worry, you are NOT going to turn into a robot that can't feel anything besides happiness, and you can't do anything other than have fun. The way this subliminal is scripted, everything is going to happen perfectly in its own way specific to you. I am not going to tell your subconscious mind HOW to get the results this subliminal is designed to get you. Girls just want to have FUN, so once YOU are FUN, then girls will just want to have YOU.
  • BE THE GUY WOMEN ENJOY BEING AROUND: When you're the guy women WANT to be around, then you'll always be around women. If you're always around women, then women will want to be with you even more, and even begin competing for your attention. What can you picture sh!t like that leading to? When you Join Team Ugly, you're going to start attracting women and having sex. Start getting laid as soon as TONIGHT using the information found in the 466 page program The 67 Ways of Ugly, and use The T.U.S.S. Mp3 while you keep enjoying more success with women, and watch as your friends ask you if you've been worshiping the Devil because they can't honestly come up with any other explanation for what they're witnessing you do. Never tell them. It's 2019 THIS IS YOUR FU%!ng YEAR! BRAVO! BRAVO! We're taking our women back.
  • BECOME AN ATTRACTIVE MAN: But Team Ugly is against attractive men, why would I want to turn you into an attractive man???? You're thinking of the 'medias' definition of what attractive is. It's not your looks that make you an attractive man. Like I said earlier (on the old Team Ugly Page that was like a 4 hour read block of text, I had to dumb it down)... You CAN attract women for friends, dating, flings, relationships, marriage, whatever you want, exactly how you look now, so your looks are NOT the reason that you are not an attractive man. Okay, if you're like a mentally challenged guy that's 900 pounds with 2 teeth, I mean, yea then you're going to want to do something about your physical appearance, there may even just be nothing you can do, just try to date a mentally challenged woman, but don't even use The T.U.S.S. Mp3 idk if this will mess up your brain worse, or maybe heal it lol, you know what, just forget this whole mentally handicapped thing. Maybe instead of saying "BECOME AN ATTRACTIVE MAN" I should have said "BECOME A MAN WOMEN ARE ATTRACTED TO EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE NOT PHYSICALLY ATTRACTIVE".
  • MANIFEST A STEADY STREAM OF WOMEN INTO YOUR LIFE: At first, you'll see everything as placebo, and coincidence... But eventually you will not be able to deny it. The T.U.S.S. Mp3 reprogramming your subconscious mind in the most magical way imaginable, is literally causing women to show up in your life, and the more The T.U.S.S. Mp3 takes over your old subconscious programming, the more women your going to notice coming into your life. You'll always be able to LOGICALLY explain "Oh I did this' or 'oh my friend met these people and that caused this and that' or 'oh I started working here and this happened' like, there wil always be a LOGICAL explanation for what happened, so you can deny it all you fu%ing want, but this is from The T.U.S.S. Mp3 manifesting women into your life.
  • BECOME ATTRACTIVE TO WOMEN SEXUALLY: You may be confused by it, and the women may be confused by it, but you'll notice beyond shadow of a doubt that women are sexually attracted to you. Doesn't mean they'll act on it or admit to it, but you'll be able to tell. You can only tell yourself 'oh that was just a coincidence' or 'oh maybe this always happened but I never noticed it before' lol, you'll only be able to tell yourself that for so long, eventually, even the biggest skeptic will admit that this stuff just works, you just have to experience it to believe it. Once women see you as sexually attractive, guess what they're going to start doing with you? ;)
  • EMANATE & RADIATE A POWERFUL PRESENCE WOMEN ARE ADDICTED TO: If you don't believe your presence can be felt, well, stay on The T.U.S.S. Mp3 for long enough and you sure the f%k won't think that anymore. Your presence is going to be thick and grounded, and not thick in a bad way, thick like, easily felt. Women are going to "feel you" and they won't realize what's happening, but they'll feel safe and comfortable in your presence. Okay not even just that, they'll just feel great and positive emotions in your presence, they'll feel happy & amazing, and they'll just truly feel wonderful, and what greater gift can you give to a woman? Women will just absolutely love the way they feel in your presence, which will make them become addicted to you, which will make them do whatever it takes to get your attention, approval, and get to spend time with you.
  • BECOME EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE TO BEAUTIFUL WOMEN: It's not even just beautiful women, it's women in general, and no, Team Ugly isn't going to only make you sexually attractive, it's also going to make you generally attractive. This is going to allow you to easily and effortlessly attract the women you want.
  • OBTAIN THE SEX GOD STATUS: There's just so much in this script I can't really go over on a public page, but to sum a lot of it up, you will be the God of sex, and you'll be having about as much sex as you'd think a sex God would be having. Simply put, no bell will be left un-rung.
  • ENJOY A HEALED, HEALTHY, & ACTIVE SEX LIFE: I almost don't even want to list this stuff because I don't want the ape part of your brain to judge the subliminal based on how quickly you become sexually active again.
  • BECOME A POWERFUL SEDUCER: You will become an absolutely powerful seducer. Seducing women will become fun, easy, and effortless for you, and you'll seduce women in the most perfect ways that they absolutely love. Imagine being a powerful seducer, seducing women everywhere you go in all the ways you fantasize about. What you imagined really can happen for you, and as soon as you Join Team Ugly, the journey begins.
  • THE PERFECT YOU: You'll be the perfect version of yourself, whatever that means to you... This has nothing to do with eating perfect and hitting the gym, it has more to do with the way you carry yourself. You'll walk perfect, talk perfect as in tone and volume according to the situation, move perfect, feel perfect, and just be perfect. Sounds good right? Maybe the perfect you is buff with ripped abs, I don't know, so maybe this sub will turn you into a gym-head I have no idea, it's going to bring us all down different paths, we are all different, and all sorts of different types of men have total success with women, or are on their way to it. Whatever the perfect you is, especially in the direction of attracting women, that's who you'll become. This is going to allow you to enjoy every moment of life, and attract more women than you ever thought YOU could ever really attract.
  • BECOME A LEADER: That doesn't necessarily mean you'll have people following you that you lead, but it does mean that you won't be a follower, and you'll at least lead yourself in spite of whatever the outside world is throwing at you. You'll lead yourself to the life you want instead of letting others guide you, it's not their life, it's your life, live it how you want to live it, go for your dreams, not the dreams other people have for you. Once you lead yourself, the followers will come automatically, becoming a leader is not about leading others, it's about leading yourself. Too many of us live our lives the way we think it will make our friends and family approve of us. This is your life, and you only get one, make it the life you want it to be, you'll never have this life again. Now you'll be able to lead yourself to ANYWHERE you want to be in life while men and women follow you, and you can enjoy sleeping with the women of your choice! Enjoy it, because now YOU'RE KING! Your friends are going to be VERY jealous of you, very soon.
  • COMPLETELY HEAL YOUR LIFE: With your life completely healed, you're going to feel better than you've ever felt, EVER, and it's just going to cause an INSANE upwards spiral into the Heaven realms where you enjoy the life AND THE SEX you've always wanted.
  • BECOME THE MAN YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO BE: When you discretely think about or picture the man you always wanted to be, what do you picture, or what do you think about? That's going to be pretty d@mn similar to the man you become on Team Ugly over the years. How close are you to being that guy now? If you became him now, would it be a total transformation, or a small one?? If you're seriously committed to being an active member of Team Ugly, you're going to LOVE the man you become.
  • LEARN PERFECTLY: Okay, so as I've said, these hot guys are taking over 'game', and "game" is QUICKLY becoming something that EVERY MAN KNOWS. You need every advantage you can possibly get on these guys, so however much they are studying game/psychology/seduction/female psychology/pua, all that stuff, you need to be going EVEN HARDER. You are an Ugly. Man. you have the disadvantage. I made it so you'll learn perfectly, because that's a top skill you can have in general, plus, if you're learning perfectly, then you're always getting better. As I've mentioned, you are not commanded to do anything, so no worries, this isn't going to turn you into a book worm or something like that, this isn't going to force you to study game, nothing like that... Learning perfectly though, will bring you the knowledge you need perfectly, and allow you to understand it perfectly.
  • BECOME GOOD AT EVERYTHING: Why would I add this? I think a 'thank you' would have been more appropriate, but I added this because if you have the ability to become good at everything you do, then if picking up, or 'dating' women is something you do, you'll be good at it. Also, I've never heard of women being turned off by a man because he's too good at too much stuff. If in the following days/weeks/months/years you notice yourself continually getting better and better at everything you do faster and faster, yea, it's because you joined Team Ugly.
  • BECOME A WINNER: You're going to become a winner in two senses. One sense, you're a winner in an abstract way, like if someone said "my daughter married a winner" and they were talking about you, and they weren't being sarcastic. In the other sense, you're going to become a winner as in, you're just a guy that always wins. If you do something, you win... You come out on top. Could be something even as simple as a video game, so if you're a few months into being an active Team Ugly member, and you're spanking your friends online, and before you couldn't even keep up... Yea, that's because you were smart and you decided to join Team Ugly.
  • BE THE GUY WOMEN SAY GOOD THINGS ABOUT: When women hear other women saying good things about you, they become attracted to you, and you become socially acceptable in their mind to have a crush on or be with. Nothing but good can come of this.
  • FEEL EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE: Once you've been on The T.U.S.S. Mp3 for a while and it's starting to take over and build momentum... You're going to feel like the most attractive man to ever step foot on this planet. Feeling that attractive, BY LAW, is going to MAKE you attractive. Finally feeling like an attractive man that deserves women in his life is going to just make you feel incredibly good, and it's just going to be a HUGE upwards spiral of good emotions on the inside, which in turn will bring an amazing outer reality in your physical world.
  • BE THE MAN WOMEN LOVE SPENDING THEIR TIME WITH: What would life be like if beautiful women loved spending their time with you? The Team Ugly Secret Subliminal Mp3 is designed to turn you into the man that women always want to be with, and spend their time with. The man that women like, the man that makes women feel insanely good emotions when they're with you... emotions they may become addicted to and dependent upon... Be careful. The man girls are extremely attracted to sexually, and otherwise. The man women have tons of fun with and enjoy talking to... The man women just absolutely love.
  • EXPERIENCE WOMEN BECOMING SEXUALLY ADDICTED TO YOU: Women will just absolutely love the way you work your magic, and they will become sexually addicted to you. Women, (and girls 18+) will absolutely love having sex with you, and they'll want sex with you all the time. You're going to be like a drug, and the way The T.U.S.S. Mp3 shapes your aura and presence, and everything about you... These women are NOT going to ever feel what they feel from you when having sex with anyone. Ever. This means they can only come to you if they REALLY want to get off like they're literally being fu%ed by God himself. "Are you an alien" or "Are you from another planet" will be words that you hear often from women while on The T.U.S.S. Mp3.
  • MANIFEST AN ABUNDANCE OF WOMEN TO SLEEP WITH: If you only want one woman, that's perfectly fine, but as long as you keep using The T.U.S.S. Mp3 or use it until you changed permanently, then you're going to keep noticing, as if by magic, women coming into your life one way or another that want to have insanely good sex with you. Don't be shocked when you find yourself living out your wildest fantasies and deepest sexual desires over and over again. Like I said, I know this all sounds like some BS, and that's why you'll be joining Team Ugly and receiving The 67 Ways of Ugly Program & The T.U.S.S. Mp3 100% RISK FREE, but we'll get more into that later.
  • HAVE A GIRLFRIEND WHEN YOU WANT A GIRLFRIEND: On The T.U.S.S. Mp3, it will be easier for you to get a girlfriend than it ever has been in your life. You'll be the guy, and be seen as the guy, that just always has a girlfriend when he wants to be in a relationship. If you do decide to only be with one girl, which can be one of the best things ever... you'll notice her telling you that it's the best relationship she's ever been in...(every time) you're welcome.
  • HAVE SEX WHEN YOU WANT TO HAVE SEX: You'll reach a point where if you want to have sex, you'll be able to call someone you know, or you'll be able to go out or meet someone new in a different way to get sex. Your desperate need for sex will be gone, because you'll basically be having sex whenever you want to have sex. Did I mention you'll be having sex? With girls? Real ones? Yea, you will be.
  • WOMEN WILL LOVE HOW THEY FEEL WHEN THEY MEET YOU: Flooding a woman with good emotions right when she meets you is going to make her see you as different from all other men, and in a positive way. Nothing but good can come of this.
  • WOMEN WILL FEEL BLESSED JUST TO KNOW YOU: Women will just feel blessed in your presence, just something about you, they might not even realize it's because of you. They'll feel blessed when you talk to them, when you look at them, while you're having sex with them, you'll just be a complete blessing to their lives, if even for a moment.
  • DEVELOP A VIBE THAT MAKES WOMEN EXPERIENCE POSITIVE EMOTIONS WHEN THEY LOOK AT YOU: You'll just have this general vibe about you that makes people experience good emotions when they see you... Women in particular. This is extremely helpful especially for us Ugly. Men. because it allows women to look at us and experience good emotions instead of looking at us and thinking 'ew'.
  • DEVELOP AN EXTREMELY POWERFUL AURA THAT SEDUCES WOMEN FOR YOU: If you don't believe in aura's... that's funny. You will when you're confused as FU%! riddled with anxiety because there's a girl trying to get you to fu%! her and you don't know if she's just teasing you or making fun of you or serious, you don't know what the fu%! to do lol. Don't worry, you won't be a b!tch for long. Soon enough the fear will leave and you'll be used to attracting women, and you'll wonder what was ever so hard and scary about it in the first place. (that's what happens when your subconscious mind is healed from all the fu%!ing bullsh!t) On The T.U.S.S. Mp3 you will develop a POWERFUL aura that will literally and physically draw women to you, and seduce them into wanting to sleep with you, without you even doing anything other than being there.
  • ENJOY SPENDING TIME WITH BEAUTIFUL WOMEN DAILY: You'll feel insanely happy living a life where beautiful women are actually a part of it. Daily. Finally having beautiful women in your life that want to be there and love and care about you is going to lift a HUGE weight off of your shoulders. Just keep pressing play man, the Team Ugly Secret Subliminal Mp3 is designed to get you there.
  • WOMEN WILL ALWAYS BE TRYING TO GET YOU TO HAVE SEX WITH THEM: This can come in many different shapes and forms. If she's reacting to your aura seducing her, she's going to be subconsciously trying to get you to have sex with her, she may not even consciously be aware of it, but it could make her more flirty with you than usual, more touchy, maybe even stuff as small as aiming her butt at you and bending over, and let me just stop myself before I get into another ramble. You get the picture. Things can get very obvious though to the point of her directly asking you to fu% her.
  • OBTAIN A GAZE OF SEX: You're going to soak women just by looking at them. If you're on The T.U.S.S. Mp3 for long enough, and a woman can hold eye contact with you without breaking it, her pupils are going to look like she's tripping out on some sh!t. She's going to see it in your soul that you are the Sex God that she's been praying for.
  • EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU WILL MAKE WOMEN FEEL EXTREMELY SEXUAL: The way you look at them, talk to them, the way you act when you don't even know they're looking, the way your subconscious uses your aura to flirt with her aura... Use The T.U.S.S. Mp3 for long enough and just look at a woman, you won't be able to deny it, she can feel you somehow. You have power now. Don't tell anybody about this page ever unless you know it's one of us. We DO NOT EVER FU%!ING EVER want "THEM" getting their hands on this information, or this technology. This is for US! WE, are UGLY. MEN. WE DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY.
  • ENJOY ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF SEX: To keep this way shorter... You'll be having as much sex as you want with as much women as you want. I designed this thing to give you endless amounts of stunningly beautiful and sexual dime piece stunners to enjoy in any way you want, and every way you want, and ways you'll enjoy so much you're not even aware of. This is going to give you the best sex life you could ever imagine.
  • WOMEN WILL BE EASY TO HAVE SEX WITH: Right now, sex is hard to get. Basically fu%ing impossible. Once you become the man The T.U.S.S. Mp3 is designed to help you become, sex will be easy to get. Women, and girls of legal age and older will just be easy for you to have sex with. Once you actually start getting sex, you may realize you actually want more than just sex, so as they say, be careful what you wish for. Let's be honest though, as long as being a member of Team Ugly noticeably moves you closer to your goal when it comes to women and dating, then that means being a Team Ugly member is priceless.
  • BECOME COMFORTABLE TALKING TO WOMEN: I'm telling you, other companies, in my opinion do not know what the fu% they're doing when they script their subliminals. On Team Ugly you're going to become comfortable talking to women. That comfort, combined with courage, confidence, bravery, and charisma is going to eliminate "approach anxiety" because you don't have approach anxiety man, what you have is a lack of comfort. If you are completely comfortable talking to women, then you won't have a problem talking to the women you want to talk to. Combine that with your aura beaming energy that's seducing them, and your overall presence will be just what women want on a primal level, it's just over the top. Remember this general rule, and by general I mean it doesn't always apply, but when in doubt, apply this one rule and your game will improve TENFOLD: Don't talk about sex to get sex. If you know you are in a situation where you can break that rule, or have the personality where you can break that rule, then break it, otherwise, you're shooting yourself in the foot. Being comfortable talking to women is going to improve your life DRAMATICALLY.
  • HAVE A PRESENCE THAT MAKES WOMEN FEEL COMFORT: Women will experience the feeling of comfort in your presence, so not only will you be comfortable talking to women, but the women will feel comfortable having you talk to them. Okay, there's a lot, a LOT of focus in this sub about the women's experience with you being very pleasant and amazing, and you making them extremely happy and just loaded with insanely positive emotions, okay, this isn't only going to make your life better, it's also going to make the women you meets life better too for having have met you. Nothing but good can come of this.
  • WOMEN WILL BEGIN TO SOAK WHEN YOU TALK TO THEM: DO NOT TRY TO FORCE THIS. A lot of this stuff I don't even want to list, because the less I list, the less you'll TRY to FORCE the results instead of letting them happen. Okay, as I've said a million times already, change doesn't happen over night, especially not this type of change. While you're on The T.U.S.S. Mp3, just pretend like you're not even on it and just live your life and just LET everything happen, that's how you'll get the best results, that's when you'll go home and think "I swear that girl was soaking while I was talking to her"... She was.
  • LOVE LIFE: This general feeling of loving your life is just going to make EVERYTHING in your life better. You have no clue how KEY these little things are. Feeling good is KEY. GENUINELY loving life is KEY. This is the sh!t that MANIFESTS the things you want. That overall good feeling is going to attract into your life, all sorts of stuff that's going to make that overall good feeling EVEN BETTER, and it's just an upwards spiral that just keeps going up and Up and UP and it does not ever fu%ing stop as long as you keep pressing play.
  • WOMEN WILL CRAVE SEX WHEN THEY SEE YOU: There will just be something about you, mainly energetically, (but a combination of things) that just makes women crave sex when they look at you.
  • GROW A HAREM OF WOMEN TO USE FOR DATING & SEX & WHATEVER YOU WANT: You're just going to have an absolute ABUNDANCE of beautiful women (and women in general) to have sex with. You'll ALWAYS have someone to have sex with whenever you want to have sex. Do you even understand the weight that's going to be lifted off of your shoulders once you can actually fu%k when you need to fu%k? You feel so fu%ing incomplete without women BECAUSE YOU ARE. It is SO fu%ked up to be a man that can't get pu55y, getting pu55y is our birthright given to us by God. Time to TAKE back what's been rightfully yours this whole time. You're BETTER for women than these other guys are, but they get the women anyways. NOT ANYMORE.
  • WOMEN WILL COME TO YOU FOR SEX: If you don't have a car, and usually can't afford a Taxi or Rideshare, that can REALLY make it fu%ing hard to get laid. On The T.U.S.S. Mp3, none of that will even matter. Women will be MORE than willing to come to you, they have no trouble at all getting rides. They can drive, they can have someone they have whipped buy them an Uber, they can have a guy friend of theirs that's madly in love with her and she knows it but pretends not to, she can have that guy drop her off at your place, say it's just a friends place, and he'll pick her up after. What I'm saying is, when you're on The T.U.S.S. Mp3, a ride will never be the issue stopping you from getting laid. No car, no worries.
  • XXX: As I've mentioned... this script is just too X-Rated to really go into full depth on how good this thing really is. This is the Most Superior Sex Magnet Subliminal Mp3 ever made, ever in my honest opinion. When we're done going over what the Team Ugly Secret Subliminal Mp3 is designed to do for you, if you notice yourself wishing I added this and that, yea... It's probably in there man. There's A LOT in here. I'm guessing the script would take about 4 hours to read out loud, and that could be wayyyy too low of a guess, idk, and you'll be hearing the script THOUSANDS of times daily.
  • WOMEN WILL BECOME ADDICTED TO THE WAY YOU MAKE THEM FEEL: Literally. You'll be like a drug, and they won't be able to wait until they can get their next hit. Okay, the last few were so d@mn long, I'll make it up with some rapid fire short and sweet ones. (EDIT 01/08.2019 prelaunch going through deleting tons so if you think this is long now, know this is NOTHING compared to what I had written before...) (EDIT: 2/5/2019 old Team Ugly page was like a 3-4 hour read of pure text. You think this is long? You should have seen it at the last edit)
  • FU%K HOT WOMEN: Have you ever had sex with a hot girl before, or a girl that people besides you and your mom would say is pretty/stunningly beautiful, or a girl most men would agree is sexy, hot as fu%k, anything like that? If you've never fu%ked a hot chick... You will after you Join Team Ugly.
  • EXPERIENCE WOMEN FALLING MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU: Have you ever been in love with a woman before? Do you know what it's like to have a woman fall madly and fall deeply in love with you? If you don't want anything serious with these women, BE SURE TO LET THEM KNOW. It's VERY fu%ed up to let a girl fall in love with you and then she finds out you just want to smash whatever you can whenever you can. That sh!t fu%s women up BADLY. Quit playing games with her heart, bro.
  • BECOME EXTREMELY CHARMING TO WOMEN: Add charm on top of your new found confidence, self love, charisma, all that sh!t, your powerhouse aura of sex seducing the fu%k out of everyone, all that sh!t combined, and it's all done in a charming way. That's a sex God. That's gonna be you. Imagine being all sexual with a woman and the word she uses to describe you is 'charming' instead of 'creepy'. How nice would that be? That doesn't mean you can be a creep and think she'll call you charming, it just means you'll get what you want and be called charming instead of not getting what you want and being called creepy because you actually will be charming and you actually will not be creepy anymore.
  • WOMEN WILL SAY YOU'RE THE PERFECT MAN: Literally, on The T.U.S.S. Mp3, you're going to experience women calling you perfect, or manly, or calling you the perfect man. Don't argue with them, just silently let them feel their feelings, gaze into their eyes if you want to give them a gift... Literally, when you're on The T.U.S.S. Mp3, girls will be able to see in your eyes that there's something that separates you from everyone else. They won't know what the fu%k it is... It's The T.U.S.S. Mp3. You'll never know how I did it, but you'll know it's true, with time, just look a girl deeply into her eyes and watch her get fu%king FLOODED with emotion and just tranced out by your aura, this is sh!t you never knew was possible. This is power. You will have power.
  • WOMEN WILL PRAISE YOU: You're actually going to think this is funny, but as time goes on you'll notice women always saying good things about you, even out of the blue for no reason and you won't know why they said it, they'll take your side more, even if you're clearly wrong, women are funny. Don't be surprised if they begin to literally praise you like you're some type of God to them, with enough use, I really wouldn't be that surprised if you manifest some women that basically worship you.
  • WOMEN WILL LOVE RECEIVING CALLS & TEXTS FROM YOU: How much do women enjoy your calls and texts right now? When you're on The T.U.S.S. Mp3, and actually start attracting women, you'll start to hear them complaining about guys doing everything that you used to do, and you'll notice it's stuff you don't do anymore. Everything is going to be so natural, you may not notice much change, but other people will notice something different about you, even if it's just the way they feel in your presence. How good would it feel having a girl with butterflies in her stomach all day just waiting and aching to hear from you and she just explodes with joy when you call or text her? How much better is that than texting a girl and she just thinks "ugh, why is he texting me?" and she doesn't reply? How good is it going to feel inside having a woman melting inside waiting for your call because your call and your texts are just that special to her? Seriously, how good would that feel? What if you got to join Team Ugly 5 years ago, and that was your reality now? Would you be happy you joined Team Ugly? Honestly, how good you're going to feel inside alone is worth 50 times more than the membership fee, AT LEAST.
  • WOMEN WILL LOVE PLEASURING YOU: Women are going to LOVE pleasuring you, and this covers it all, they'll love buying you stuff, cooking for you, making your day better, they'll love telling you how nice your d!%K is and they'll absolutely love making it c^m. They'll just love pleasuring you in every way they can... She'll be eager to please you, tell her what you like, she'll do it good. Don't worry none of this will make inappropriate women like relatives want to fu%k you, but it might make them want to buy you more sh!t and do more nice stuff for you more often, so don't be surprised if it seems like people just want to please you, because they will definitely want to.
  • WOMEN WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE BEING AROUND YOU: This will eventually just get to the point of insanity. I don't mean that by you'll always have women wanting to hang out with you, (which I believe you will) I mean, like everywhere you go, women will just fu%ing gravitate to you. Like you're some sort of magical man with magical powers that pulls women to him, because you will be. That's exactly what you'll be.
  • ABSOLUTELY FLOOD WOMEN WITH POSITIVE EMOTIONS WHEN YOU TALK TO THEM: Whether it's your first day hearing about pickup, or you're the best in the world and you've had sex with and been in relationships with more women and hotter women, and higher status women than anyone on the planet, The T.U.S.S. Mp3 is going to boost you to levels you could never dream of, and that's why WE HAVE to keep this technology secret from the attractive guys, and this HAS to stay underground between us Ugly. Men. Only. because if the "hot guys" get their hands on this technology... we're fu%!ed, and that means I fu%!ed myself releasing this when I could have released something else and kept this to myself so PLEASE don't make me fu%!ing regret releasing this... Keep this secret, an underground community of ugly men taking back what's ours... Our women. This is our last hope we HAVE to stay an UNDERGROUND community, this can NEVER get into the hands of the 'hot guys', they will become unstoppable, and we will be fu%!ed. Only share this page with worthy men. WE, Are UGLY. Men. We do things differently.
  • WOMEN WILL APPRECIATE THEIR TIME WITH YOU: Women will always be happy to see you, and they'll enjoy every moment they get to spend with you. There will be NOBODY more special in their lives for them to spend time with, even if it's only for a night. You will be their everything. You're going to know what it's like to be wanted and appreciated by the opposite sex for the first time in your life on a regular basis. This is going to let you release all the weight on your shoulders and just live happily, carefree, and sexually abundant. Welcome. If you already decided to join, then Team Ugly is now your new home. You're free. Once you're done reading, scroll through this page one more time first, and you'll realize 100% you are meant to Join Team Ugly. The chances that YOU found this page are so insanely fu%ing low... Idk how you got here, but this is literally God answering your prayers.
  • WOMEN WILL LOVE OFFERING THEMSELVES TO YOU SEXUALLY: When women act sexual around you, they're going to feel d@mn good, and they might not ever consciously realize why, but the closer women get to you, physically, the better they're going to feel. That's why it's going to start to seem like women are always standing in your personal space, or way closer than normal.  When I say The T.U.S.S. Mp3 is the most advanced Sex Magnet subliminal ever created...  I'm being pretty literal on the magnet part.  You will magnetize these hoes straight to your d!ck.
  • WOMEN WILL LOVE HOW SEXY THEY FEEL IN YOUR PRESENCE: When women are around you, they are just going to feel absolutely sexy as fu%k, and it's really as simple as that. You may notice women checking you out all the time, and you may notice your friends saying "oh man, that girl keeps checking me out."... she's not looking at him, she's looking at you. Don't correct him though, let him believe what he wants to believe. His belief doesn't change what is true. When you're around, women are going to feel absolutely sexy. Don't go around telling women they're sexy to try to force this, that would be really dumb, just live your life and just LET the results happen. You're sexy bro, you're not ugly... You'll see.
  • ATTRACT WOMEN PERFECTLY: You're probably not going to be attracting women in the same ways you see a lot of your favorite teachers attracting them. You're going to attract women in your own unique way, that is absolutely perfect for you, and makes you the most successful, and makes you the most comfortable. There is not right and wrong, there is only results. You're going to attract women in the exact way you as an individual were meant to attract women.
  • BE LOVED: As a member of Team Ugly, you'll always feel loved, because you'll always be loved. You'll love yourself, and others will love you. Not only are you going to experience deep self love and self acceptance... You're also going to experience what it's like to be loved.
  • BECOME HAPPY AS FU%K: Can you even smile when you're alone? When you're smiling and laughing all day even when you're by yourself because it's just how you are... That's when you're really going to start attracting good into your life. The T.U.S.S.Mp3 really can end up healing your life in way more ways than just in the area of women & dating. Don't worry, being happy overall doesn't mean you are unable to feel other emotions, it just means happiness will be your dominant, and default emotion.
  • YOUR LIFE WILL BECOME EXTREMELY FUN: What does that mean to you? When you picture an extremely fun life... What do you picture? It's probably going to get that good. Not right away, but just stay on the Team, and keep playing The T.U.S.S.Mp3 every day and every night while you sleep (actual in depth instructions will be included in your Team Ugly Members Manual) and you'll notice over the months and years your life becoming more and more fun, to the point of ridiculousness.
  • HAVE FUN WITH GIRLS ALL THE TIME: Girls like guys they can have fun with, and when I say fun, and I don't mean sex, and neither do they, well, most of the time. They just want to have fun man, if they can have fun with you, they'll have sex with you, or date you, or accept your marriage proposal.
  • FEEL LIKE A POWERFUL GOD WHEN YOU SEE WOMEN: If you're programmed, literally, to feel like a powerful God when you see a woman, or women... How is that going to change how you feel inside when you go out and there's beautiful women everywhere? How much more comfortable would you be? How much more confident and attractive would that make you feel? How would that affect your body language? How much more comfortable would that make you feel talking to a woman? Even if literally feeling like a powerful God every time you saw a woman was the only thing The T.U.S.S.Mp3 did, how much would you pay for that? $500? $1,000? 500K? How much? You don't have to believe anything, all you need to do is keep pressing play.
  • EXPERIENCE GIRLS HAVING A CRUSH ON YOU: Has a girl ever had a crush on you before? What would it be like to have a girl that just always wants to be with or by you, because when she's around you, she gets that feeling inside women are addicted to? Would it feel good to have a girl, or girls I should say have crushes on you, and wish they were your girlfriend? Lay at home thinking about you, and being flooded with positive emotions while they do think about you just waiting to see or hear from you again, literally praying to God that you ask them out? How good would it feel to be wanted like that? The T.U.S.S. Mp3 is designed to get you there.
  • MEETING WOMEN WILL BECOME EASY FOR YOU: Some of us Ugly. Men. don't really have a problem attracting women... If we're around them for long enough, they become attracted to us, but we don't know how to meet any women... Women don't become attracted to us quickly, so we can't just go up to a girl and get her number like "trust me, with time you're going to be very attracted to me." Okay, if that's you, well, your struggles are about to be OVER, and you won't have any problem meeting new women anymore. In fact, you'll be meeting new women all the time on The T.U.S.S. Mp3, and the way it all plays out is going to seem like a coincidence, you better know that it's not a coincidence, it's your subconscious mind losing the battle against The T.U.S.S. Mp3.
  • PERFECTLY MANIFEST THE PERFECT LIFE: Not only will your life become perfect, but that perfect life is going to manifest in the most perfect way Tailor-Made for you as a unique individual. My version of the perfect life is going to be far different than yours, and everyone else's, and same with you. Your life is going to become perfectly amazing, and perfectly enjoyable inside and out, and inside of the bedroom and out, and you're going to manifest that perfect life absolutely perfectly. It may not seem like it at the time, but in the future, when you look back, you'll see everything played out absolutely perfectly.
  • WOMEN WILL MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU TO SEDUCE THEM: Most of us Ugly. Men. can't get pu**y even when a girl is desperate for us to fu%k her... We might even know she wants it, but we tell ourselves, 'nah, I'm just reading into things too much, there's no way she likes me like that, and if she does, she'll let me know or make it obvious.' Okay, to her, she can't make it any more obvious. That's all besides the point though... On The T.U.S.S. Mp3, women are going to make it VERY easy for you to seduce them, and when it happens, do not fu%king tell yourself you're reading into things too much.
  • WOMEN WILL ENJOY THE WAY YOU SEDUCE THEM: Okay, again... Heavy emphasis on the women enjoying the way you seduce them and enjoying the way you attract them. Okay this isn't going to stop you from going all 50 shades of BDSM on some chick, it's just going to make it so however you attract and seduce these women, it's going to be in ways that they enjoy and appreciate, and that's going to be what's best for both of you. (Don't worry, women will be seducing you in ways that you very much enjoy as well).
  • EXPERIENCE A LIFE WHERE YOU CAN SEDUCE WOMEN WHENEVER YOU WANT TO: Since women are going to love and appreciate the way you seduce them, you're automatically going to become the version of yourself that seduces women for sex whenever he wants to. Do you want to be that version of yourself? The version of yourself that easily meets women wherever he goes, whenever he wants, and seduces them perfectly whenever he feels like it? How good would it feel to be THAT version of yourself now? But wait... There's more.
  • WOMEN WILL LOVE IT WHEN YOU'RE AROUND: Women will love having fun with you, and they will absolutely LOVE it when you're around. Just being around you will light up their whole entire day. After being on The T.U.S.S. Mp3 for a while... You're going to start questioning reality.
  • WOMEN WILL LOVE CALLING YOU ON THE PHONE: Women will love calling you on the phone, they'll love texting you, they'll love asking for your number, or giving you theirs... You may even get random messages on social media from some chick that you met, and she liked you more than you thought, you didn't ask her for her number, so she sought you out. Do you even like talking to girls on the phone? If you don't, well, you're going to piss a lot of girls off because all they're really going to want to do all day is talk to you on the phone or text you.
  • WOMEN WILL MAKE YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE: Kiss social anxiety goodbye, at least if women are around. You'll feel VERY comfortable around women to say the least, and as the weeks, months, and years go by, these women will literally, and noticeably be going out of their way to make you feel comfortable.
  • AUTOMATICALLY MAKE WOMEN CRAVE SEX WITHOUT KNOWING HOW OR WHY: Maybe you'll know how and why, maybe you won't, idk. Women will definitely be making you crave sex too, they'll absolutely love turning you on. Pay attention to all the subtle things women do while you're running The T.U.S.S. Mp3, you're going to be like, "WHAT?!?!"
  • OBTAIN A STRONG SEXUAL CONNECTION WITH WOMEN: I'm not saying you'll have sexual chemistry, I'm being literal. You will turn heads. Good luck standing behind a woman without her looking back. She doesn't even need to see you, she'll sense you. She will be sexually connected to you, it doesn't mean she'll act on it, but she will feel a literal connection to you, and with time it's just going to get stronger and more obvious to you, to the point of ridiculousness. You are not going to be the typical man anymore, you're going to be special, and nobody will ever know why or how. Never tell anyone about Team Ugly, we don't want this powerhouse technology that is The T.U.S.S. Mp3 OR the hidden teachings we NEED to know as Ugly. Men. if we want any sort of success with women and dating in todays day and age that are found in The 67 Ways of Ugly getting out. This HAS to ALWAYS stay underground, between us Ugly. Men. ONLY. It has to or I'm pulling the plug and selling something easier to sell instead. I created Team Ugly to save your dating life, not fu%! mine. Keep this sh!t secret mother fu%er.
  • GET ROCK FU%ING HARD ERECTIONS: No pills required, and how much are those anyways? I'm sure way the fu%k more than the Team Ugly initiation fee (membership fee). On The T.U.S.S. Mp3, you're going to experience Rock. Hard. Erections. That's right! Your penis WILL WORK AGAIN!!! And if your penis already works just fine, well, let's just say it's going to be better than ever, lol. You're going to have a hard, healthy, hung, perfect penis, and shoot huge, healthy loads of cum.
  • BECOME ACCEPTED AND LIKED BY OTHER ALPHA MALES: You won't necessarily BE an alpha male, but you'll be having more sex, and getting more women than the alpha males. You'll be the guy that gets along fine with the alpha males instead of having them co^k block you, which they can VERY FUC%ING EASILY DO WHEN YOU'RE UGLY. "Hey Jen, you going to fu% this guy?" what's she going to say? Obviously 'no', then he says "She's not interested bro fuc% off", boom just like that you're gone, and if you manage to stay passed that, they'll blow you the fu^% out in so many ways and tool you in so many ways, the only thing you can do is walk away or get so mad you fight, but that's still not going to get you the girl. On The T.U.S.S. Mp3, you just don't even have to worry about that, and if it happens, the situation will smooth itself out automatically. You'll have the alphas HELPING you if anything, I mean honestly I scripted this thing so crazy, don't be surprised if you have alpha males hooking you up with women, or even offering their women to you, like, literally, holy fuc% man I'm crazy, I'm telling you if too many people get this, I'm shutting Team Ugly down.
  • EXPERIENCE WOMEN WANTING YOU TO HAVE SEX WITH THEIR FRIENDS: Whether it's a woman you're sleeping with or not.. Women are going to WANT you to have sex with their friends. You're just going to be that guy that women will actually encourage their friends to sleep with. This can manifest in many ways.
  • BE THE GUY THAT EVERYBODY LOVES: Does anybody love you right now? If you imagine living a life where everybody loves you, how much different is it? How good does it feel? How do you carry yourself through a crowd? How much more often do you leave the house? When you picture yourself living a life where everybody loves you, you basically become a whole new person, or really, is it like you were finally able to be who you already are?
  • BECOME WHOLE AND PERFECT: Just live a harmonious and happy life that just feels whole, full, and complete. This will be due to a great deal of things, and this will make attracting women so effortless that it's virtually ret@rded.
  • HAVE AN ABUNDANCE OF BEAUTIFUL WOMEN TO SLEEP WITH: Now, just because you'll have an abundance of beautiful women to sleep with that does not mean you'll be forced to sleep with them so don't worry, if you meet the woman of your dreams this is not going to make you cheat on her or anything like that, if you do give into temptation and cheat, that's all on you.
  • HAVE SO MUCH SEX THAT IT'S JUST INSANE: You'll just absolutely love all the sex you have. As time goes on, you'll just be having more and more sex, and the sex will keep getting better, and with women better for you that you like more and like you more, and your penis is going to get nicer, and harder over time, and you're basically going to become a God amongst men when it comes to women, and dating, and having a sex life.
  • VIBRATE LOVE INTO THE WORLD & BY UNIVERSAL LAW RECEIVE LOVE: You're not going to consciously control your vibration to vibrate love consistently. Maybe you can meditate and 20 minutes in get into the feeling and hold it, but if you have to meditate in order to be at this vibration, then something isn't right, and if you have to meditate in order to do it, The Law of Attraction really isn't going to do anything for you. If you vibrate love 20 minutes a day, and then you go back to "you", then it's really not going to do anything, at least not compared to techniques that bypass the conscious mind. You may feel all warm and fuzzy inside, or filled with energy, or maybe you're not in tune with your feelings enough to even notice the change easily. Either way, you will be vibrating love into the universe, and BY LAW, love is going to come to you, and it's going to come in all the forms that make you feel that naturally, aka all your desires will manifest.
  • HAVE AN OVER-FLOWING ABUNDANCE OF GOOD IN YOUR LIFE: This alone is worth INFINITELY more than the membership fee or 'initiation' fee as I like to call it. Having an over-flowing abundance of all things good in your life is going to include beautiful women, and even if it didn't... How fu%ing easy can you attract women if you have an abundance of 'good'??
  • BECOME THE BEST THERE EVER HAS BEEN & THE BEST THERE EVER WILL BE: What does that even mean to you? It can mean so many things right? I mean, I could sit here and list off infinite things it could mean, what are some of the things you want it to mean that would make you jump for joy at the thought of joining Team Ugly?
  • EXPERIENCE A LIFE WHERE THERE'S NOTHING EASIER THAN GETTING A GIRL TO FU%: The years are going to go by anyways. How many years would have already went by since you started studying game and seduction and all this stuff? What if you were using The T.U.S.S. Mp3 the whole time you were studying "Game", where do you think you would be now? Does it ever feel like you keep learning and studying but you never get results? If there was a missing piece to your game, and you didn't need any more products or infield footage, and all you needed was this one missing piece, how much would you seriously pay for that?
  • PEOPLE WILL LOVE HOW GOOD THEY FEEL AROUND YOU: Most of the time, they won't know why, but you'll know why. Wherever you go, people will just be in a good mood, and if they're crabby people, they'll be less crabby. Your presence is going to affect the world around you as I've mentioned. You don't even need to talk, just leave your house and observe how people act. You may also see people become nervous around you... You're going to be different, there's going to be something special about you, everyone will know it, nobody will say it. Well, women will say it, they might even ask you if you're an alien or if you're from this planet. They'll always tell you you're different from every other guy she's ever met and stuff like that, but you'll get the alien thing sometimes. She's not crazy for asking, you will be the most powerful man she's ever met, in a sense, the only way she'll be able to express it is, "are you from another planet?" or "are you an alien?"
  • FEEL AWESOME EVERY DAY: Every single day just feel awesome and amazing, and just feel like you have the most perfectly amazing life and that your life is perfect in every way, and keeps becoming even more perfect and even more enjoyable in the best ways imaginable.
  • STAY/BECOME SEXUALLY HEALTHY: You'll have stamina, you'll have a big healthy penis that gets hard and stays hard, you'll also stay disease free either from sleeping with the right women or always using protection, I'm not sure what your subconscious mind will have you do, or how it will make everything play out for you.
  • FEEL LIKE THE COOLEST GUY ON PLANET EARTH: Feeling is KEY. If you tried the Law of attraction before and couldn't get it to work, it's because it's about what frequency you're vibrating on, not what you're visualizing, and even if you vibrate at the right frequency while you visualize, still, once you're done you go back to your main dominate frequency. When you literally FEEL like you're the coolest guy on Earth, you're going to be vibrating on a new frequency automatically, all the time without even trying or thinking about it, and that's automatically going to start bringing more and more stuff and experiences that keep feeding that great feeling so you feel that great feeling even stronger, and even more often and then it attracts EVEN MORE stuff and situations that feeds the feeling even more and it's an endless upwards spiral.
  • WOMEN WILL SEE YOU AS A MAN: Right now, women don't see you as a man. Know how I know? You don't have sex. Men that women see as men have sex. Once women in general see you as a man, then getting sex in general is going to be stupid easy.
  • YOU WILL LOOK AWESOME!: What can I say? You're simply going to look awesome, and feel awesome. Don't be surprised if while on The T.U.S.S. Mp3 you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and notice yourself wondering "Have I always looked this fu%!ing awesome?!?! You're going to accept the way you look, and love the way you look, which is going to change your inner feelings, and that's what people pick up on THAT'S where attraction is okay, looks are so superficial, you're going to see first hand when you look the same but for some reason, now you love the way you look and honestly consider yourself attractive, and other people see you as attractive, but you look the same, it's just crazy, the world IS NOT what you think it is. It's ALLLLLLLL about vibrations and frequencies, and us Ugly. Men. are HARDCORE kept down in low frequencies, I don't think there's a conspiracy against us, but it's just how everything played out, we are BADLY affected by the whole system, but it's all about to change thanks to Team Ugly.
  • BECOME MANLY: On The T.U.S.S. Mp3, you're going to become such a fu%!ing man that women just do not care that you're "UGLY" They won't even be able to see you as ugly, they'll see you as just such a man they just want to jump your bones.
  • LOOK, ACT, FEEL, & BECOME MORE MASCULINE: Pretty self-explanatory right? Get ready for women to see you as the perfect man, and get ready to feel like the perfect man. You're going to be on a level where it doesn't matter that you're ugly and poor with no friends, and nothing fun to do. It doesn't matter, it's all about to change. You're about to be loved by everyone, if you want friends, you'll have them, if you want a social life, you'll have it. On Team Ugly we don't care about the reality "they" set up for us, because "they" set up a sh!tty reality for us. On Team Ugly, we decide our reality, and the reality we want, is a reality where we can effortlessly seduce women into dating, flings, marriage, one night stands, whatever it is we choose.
  • HAVE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE THAT YOU LOVE & LOVE YOU: It may sound sappy to some people, but it won't feel sappy, you'll love this. Just keep pressing play and don't give up, even when it feels like nothing major is happening, you have no clue what's going on behind the scenes in this reality while you're on The T.U.S.S. Mp3.
  • ELIMINATE APPROACH ANXIETY: There's no specific affirmations dealing with approach anxiety, but there doesn't need to be. Approach anxiety will be dealt with indirectly by having the root of the problem dealt with. The T.U.S.S. Mp3 is going to give you a LOT of indirect positive results, just know it is coming from The T.U.S.S. Mp3 because everything is going to feel so natural, as if it was going to happen anyways that you might actually think it all would have happened anyways, and HE** NO it wouldn't have. You better recognize where you are now and what your life is like now, and you better be smart enough to see when everything is magically better, durrrrr, it's because you made the decision and joined Team Ugly, and you used The T.U.S.S. Mp3 and it started doing what I designed it to do. Just keep on playing The T.U.S.S. Mp3 and just watch the magic happen.
  • HAVING SEX WITH YOU WILL BE SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE: A girl is a LOT more likely to have sex with you when there's no social stigmas or social consequences in doing so. Not only will it be socially acceptable for her to sleep with you, but AFTER she sleeps with you, she's going to feel socially accepted. She's going to feel like her social status just went up. How easy do you think this will make it to get laid?
  • WOMEN WILL LOVE THE WAY YOU KISS THEM: If you're nervous about kissing a girl, you won't be. You'll know when to kiss her at the right time, you'll be able to tell when you can kiss her and she won't reject you. You'll also be the guy where you have her attracted and you go in to kiss when you know she'll reject you, but you're just having fun and it's a playful situation and the vibes are right for it, I'm not saying you try make a girl kiss you or something that's ret@rded. Anyways, you won't have anxiety anymore about kissing a girl okay, it's a lot easier to kiss a girl than you think it is.
  • OBTAIN THE CONFIDENCE & AURA OF A POWERFUL MAN: If this gets too powerful, too quickly, please slow down on your usage of The T.U.S.S. Mp3. You don't want to be super confident about your sh!tty game, you'll just confidently do what doesn't work instead of shyly doing what doesn't work. You'll know if you're getting too confident too fast if you start finally trying stuff you'd never try, but you always get blown out, and nothing good ever comes of it. The T.U.S.S. Mp3 is going to shape you into a man women want to sleep with. It's going to take a while to get you there so just be careful, don't make a fool of yourself, if you feel overly confident, just try to keep it to yourself until you're used to it, ALWAYS think before you do something. Eventually it won't matter, you'll just always do the right thing when it comes to attracting women, but right now you're a mess, and The T.U.S.S. Mp3 has A LOT of work to do with you to turn you into the version of yourself that you need to be to finally have the active dating and sex life you've always dreamt about and prayed for.
  • FEEL EXTREMELY GOOD & WONDERFUL EVERY DAY: This great feeling alone is worth more than infinite times The Team Ugly Members Initiation Fee alone. As I've mentioned, these positive emotions are going to make you blast positive energy and vibrate on higher frequencies, and it's going to keep bringing you more and more of what you want, and just keep making your life get even better in every area even stuff that has nothing to do with any of the scripting for The T.U.S.S. Mp3, just remember, if it's too much right away, just slow down, there's no rush, just enjoy the journey and understand everything is going to play out perfectly.
  • WOMEN WILL FEEL BETTER WHEN THEY'RE WITH YOU: However they're feeling, once they're with you, they'll feel better. When you talk to them, hang out with them, kiss them, hug them, give them any sort of attention, even if they don't know you and they're just in your presence, you're just going to make women feel, well, just better.
  • OBTAIN THE PERFECT UNDERSTANDING OF WOMEN & SEDUCTION: Women are just going to make sense. Seducing them is just going to make sense. Everything that isn't making sense for you now about women, dating, and seduction is going to make perfect sense to you. As time goes on, your understanding will just keep growing deeper and deeper on The T.U.S.S. Mp3.
  • LIVE IN ABUNDANCE: Once you see abundance, and feel abundant even in areas where there's lack and everyone around you see's the lack in your life... Once you just see and feel abundance, that's when you'll start experiencing abundance, and that's when you'll keep getting more and more of what you want. The T.U.S.S. Mp3 is going to make this automatic and effortless.  You're going to like life a lot fu%ing more when your subconscious mind is working with you towards what you want instead of working viciously against you, and thinking it's doing you a favor sabotaging you from getting what you want.
  • BE THE GUY WOMEN WANT TO DATE: Okay, as I've mentioned, even though this is heavily focused on sex, you're still not just going to turn into a guy women will only have a one night stand with. Women will also want to date you, be your girlfriend, your wife, who knows... just see what happens.
  • DESERVEDNESS: Is that even a word? I think it is. On The T.U.S.S. Mp3, you're actually going to feel like you deserve love, like you deserve a good sex life. This deservedness is going to allow you to finally be an attractive guy and attract women and actually feel like a man.
  • WOMEN WILL SEE YOU AS THE ALPHA MALE: If you're not the alpha male in the room, it doesn't matter, women will see you as the alpha, and it's going to make you the alpha indirectly. These other guys can run faster and do enough sit ups to have ripped abs, and they could beat you up, but hey, you could fu%k their wife, so who's really the alpha? I think it's you, but that's just my opinion.
  • EXPERIENCE GIRLS WANTING YOU TO BE THEIR BOYFRIEND: Have you ever had a girl want to be your girlfriend? How about a girl so hot it'd make your friends think you hired her? I'm just curious, right now, honestly, what would you do to get your hands on The T.U.S.S.Mp3 right now?
  • GIRLS WILL LOVE YOUR VIBE: Just everything about you, from the way you look to the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you communicate with them, they'll love your confidence, your undeniable courage, how brave you are, just how much you fu%king stand out even though you're not even doing anything, you're actually trying less than you are now and getting way more results, it's crazy. These girls are going to say you're sexy, you'll see, you'll probably think they're joking at first, or think they're not talking to you if they yell it from a car or something... You're going to be in so much denial and miss so many opportunities, but don't worry, just keep pressing play, you'll be glad you did.
  • EXPERIENCE PEOPLE IN GENERAL THINKING YOU'RE AN AWESOME GUY!: They'll see you as a cool and charming guy, that's cool and charming to women, and is deserving of women. You'll just be the perfect man, and hey, the world around you will be better for it.
  • EXPERIENCE WOMEN FLASHING YOU: This could get intense depending on the situation, but expect some experiences you would never have expected. Is she being fun, or is she being seductive? Are other people around, or are you all alone? Is she doing it on purpose, or is she clueless, or are you clueless? What's going on man?
  • HAVE SKYROCKETED CONFIDENCE WHEN IT COMES TO WOMEN AND DATING: Okay, so not only are you going to become more confident on The T.U.S.S. Mp3, but you're also going to become more confident specifically in the area of women and dating. Okay, 'more confident' is not a good way to put it, you're going to be INSANELY confident, and in a good way, not a creepy way. If you're a creep now and you become a confident creep before The T.U.S.S. Mp3 is fixing you in other areas, just remember having the confidence to do or say something stupid doesn't make it a good idea, you are in control of your own actions, if you don't think you can control yourself, then Team Ugly is not for you. You could have the confidence to jump off of a building, it's up to you if you're stupid enough to do it. You're going to be so confident with women though, even just seeing a woman is going to surge your body with confidence, and other goodies.  Ready to have power or are you a pu55y?
  • THERE WILL ALWAYS BE WOMEN THAT WANT TO DATE YOU: Can you even realistically imagine yourself in a place a few months or a few years from now where there's always women that want to date you? How much more would that make your girlfriend cling to you and never look at other guys? How can she look at other guys when she's always worried about other girls that want to take her place? Of course if you have a girlfriend don't be a douche, actually make her feel secure and know she can always trust you to not cheat on her. As I've mentioned though, I'm not the moral police, there's nothing in the script that will stop you from cheating or anything like that, I would never program you in a way where I try to control your actions or something, idk man, if you don't join Team Ugly I mean in my opinion you just shouldn't use subliminal mp3's at all, I'm telling you, these people don't know what the He!! they're doing, you'll get results with the right ones, but you'll also get a lot of stuff you don't want, and can change in ways you don't want to change,and just end up weird and fu%ked up, I'm telling you, you are blessed to have found this page.
  • INSANE WITT: Become INSANELY witty, always be able to think on your feet, always be able to keep the conversation flowing and interesting, even if you're not saying much, you'll make it work. On The T.U.S.S. Mp3, you're just going to be cool, charming, attractive, manly, seductive, intelligent, clever, you'll be a good story teller, be able to keep people interested in anything you have to say, fun to be around, easy to talk to, I mean it's INSANE what The T.U.S.S.Mp3 is going to do for you, your dating life, and your life in general...
  • EVERYTHING YOU DO WILL TURN WOMEN ON: You're going to notice women eyeing you everywhere. You'll be in denial when it first starts happening, but even though you're ugly, there's going to be something about you that captures the female attention. If you're in 'Deep Years State' on The T.U.S.S. Mp3, and you notice women always seem to be horny, yea, this is some crazy sh!t, just leave the house man, you'll see it everywhere, just keep pressing play and just keep loading your subconscious mind with the subliminal affirmations in The T.U.S.S. Mp3...
  • WOMEN WILL CRAVE YOUR ATTENTION: You never know how this is going to manifest... That b!t@^y lady at work may turn up her b!t@!ness to a whole new level for no reason at all, don't take it personal, you're running The T.U.S.S. Mp3, you're different now, she wants your attention BADLY. Of course if you CONSCIOUSLY ask her if she's being a cu^t to get your attention she is going to say no, and may even consciously believe herself when she says it. I'm just giving you a bad example of women wanting your attention though, women are weird as he!! so they could act in ways that seem like you're getting bad results, but really you're getting good results, and things are only getting started... Imagine if you use The T.U.S.S. Mp3 for 40 years... For all I know this could give you some sort of seduction super powers, and I'm being dead serious, just research the subconscious mind, you don't even have to believe anything, you can just start pressing play and see first hand what happens.
  • REACH A POINT WHERE YOU HONESTLY BELIEVE ATTRACTING WOMEN IS EASY!: Right now you can say attracting women is easy for you... But is it actually true? How will it feel to be able to say it and have it be the truth?
  • PUT GIRLS ON AN EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER: These girls are going to be absolutely FLOODED with a roller coaster of emotions from you. From you touching them, from your presence, and the absence of your presence making them go wild thinking about you, they will be blasted with positive emotions just by seeing you, it's hard to even put into words, all I can say is you are going to be VERY happy that you joined Team Ugly..
  • BECOME MORE ATTRACTIVE THAN "GOOD LOOKING" GUYS: On The T.U.S.S. Mp3, you're going to see first hand that looks aren't what attracts women. The first time you get a woman that could literally choose from FAR over 100 better looking guys she could sleep with that night, or date, you're going to see this whole attracting women thing goes further than skin deep.
  • FEEL COMFORTABLE SMILING!: You think you need to be the straight faced bada$$, man, women are attracted to men that smile. This isn't going to force you to smile, but it might be hard to not smile a lot when you are always feeling emotions that make you want to smile ;) If you're insecure about your smile, you won't be after hearing multiple compliments from women about how much they love your smile... People are about to like you a LOT, and you'll just live a joyous life, and I believe you'll reach the point where you look around, and you think about life before Team Ugly, and you realize, since joining Team Ugly, your life has been healed in every possible way, and it just keeps getting better.
  • YOUR LIFE WILL BE FILLED WITH JOY, PLEASURE, & BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!: What more could you ask for? Seriously. And trust me, you're getting A LOT more, I wish I could just post the script and skip writing all this, but then people will know how I script, and I don't want anyone to ever know how to craft and script subliminals like me. You wouldn't even believe the stuff I'm skipping over, but you'll thank me for it. I believe you'll look back and see joining Team Ugly as the best decision you've ever made in your life.
  • GIRLS WILL LOVE YOUR VOICE: A lot of guys think they need a deep, and booming loud manly man voice... If you want to go be the club shark guy, I guess, but if you want to be that guy, then just go get cool clothes, cool friends, make a bunch of money, and storm the club just like in the infields you watch, or just get the clothes and fake everything else, and go do what you see in the infields. Wouldn't you rather just be able to seduce women as you without going to the club and acting all energetic and being social talking to everyone, honestly, I can't really stand that sh!t at all, but we're all different.
  • DATE WOMEN: How does that sound? When was the last time you dated a woman? On The T.U.S.S. Mp3, you WILL have a dating life. FINALLY. Listen, you can keep watching infield and seminars of guys that have everything and are everything that you're not, and you'll keep getting the same results. Want change? Change your subconscious paradigm.
  • SEDUCE WOMEN WITH NOTHING BUT YOUR EYE CONTACT: It may even become hard to look women, and people in general in the eyes because you're going to be like "fu%!, they're going to sense how powerful I am if I look them in the eyes" I can't explain it, it's a weird feeling... But yea, look people in the eyes, and hold eye contact, and you'll see it in their eyes, like, it's like they want to ask you if you're from another planet or some sh!t, man, you're going to experience power.  Life on The T.U.S.S. Mp3 is incomparably better.
  • CAPTIVATE WOMEN WITH EVERY WORD: Every word you say is just going to boost how women are already feeling towards you between their legs. I've skipped A LOT of stuff, don't be surprised if you have some crazy a$$ unexpected stuff happen, I mean, if you get a wife, she literally will have to worry every time you leave the house about women trying to fu%! you... There's just going to be something about you. Make it to 'Deep Years State' man, you don't have to, but why the He!! not? Just keep pressing play, and keep enjoying everything getting better and better!
  • PEOPLE WILL RESPECT YOU: Get used to people respecting you, and saying good things about you. Once you love, and respect yourself, it's just crazy, man, I could have made The T.U.S.S. Mp3 so all it does is make you love yourself and feel happy, and your life would change so fu%!ing much you would sh!t your pants, and it's because your whole vibration and frequency would change. Ok, I know this is all weird as fu%!, but that's just the world you live in whether you believe it or not.
  • DEVELOP AN AURA THAT...: That you will literally feel, and will literally make stuff happen that will make you wonder if you are dreaming or if this is real life. If I went into detail, you'd get a boner thinking of having this type of power, and then happily hand me any amount of cash I ask for... And you'd be smart doing it.
  • LIVE IN ABUNDANCE WHEN IT COMES TO WOMEN, DATING, & SEX: If this is what you truly want, then Join Team Ugly. The 'hot' guys and their infield footage isn't going to heal your dating life. The T.U.S.S. Mp3 is, and remember, you're getting The 67 Ways of Ugly Program on top of it. 
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The T.U.S.S. Mp3 is subliminal technology, and the technology found in The 67 Ways of Ugly is extremely controversial. We are all starting in different spots, and will all be affected in different ways, and lead down different paths to total success with women. Due to this the lawyer in my head is telling me to say this... Team Ugly and everything that comes with being a member is for informational and entertainment purposes ONLY and nothing else. Nobody has ever used The T.U.S.S. Mp3 and achieved every check point. I never priced Team Ugly memberships at above $47 dollars. By joining Team Ugly you agree The T.U.S.S. Mp3 and The 67 Ways of Ugly are for informational and entertainment purposes only, and neither are meant to ever be actually used. That being said... Use at your own risk.
You have to be 18+ to Join Team Ugly, and The T.U.S.S.Mp3 is LOADED with X-Rated language.
This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those under 18 years old.
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When you Join Team Ugly, and receive The T.U.S.S.Mp3 you'll see, well, it's an MP3, you'll need an MP3 player to use it, which I'm sure you have plenty of stuff on your computer or phone that can play mp3 files, and also The Team Ugly Members Manual & The 67 Ways of Ugly Program are PDF's so you'll need a PDF reader. If you don't have one go on google and search 'how to open a PDF file', I'm guessing it will just open though, I mean it's almost 2019, come on.
Extra Information:
After you pay your Team Ugly Membership Fee and get initiated onto the team, you'll be brought to a page thanking you for joining Team Ugly, and that page will have links for you to instantly begin downloading The T.U.S.S.Mp3 and The 67 Ways of Ugly Program. Download time will vary based on internet speeds. (If you're not instantly brought to the download page, then check your e-mail for the link, but you should be instantly brought to the download page once your Membership Fee is processed and approved which should only take a few seconds after you finish typing in your card numbers, if you're not instantly brought to the download page though, then that means you received an e-mail with a link to the download page)
If you have any questions at all before joining Team Ugly please send an e-mail to support@augustineexperiments.com
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