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Walnut wood is lumber cut from the trees of the Juglans genus. The Walnut wood color will vary based on how the wood was dried. 

Complementary therapist Annie Day practises tree spirit healing. Tree ‘witnesses’ (leaves, twigs, bark and cones) are placed on or near the body, while tree essences are given orally or drops are placed on the wrists and inhaled, or on chakra points or an injury. ‘The energy of trees can help any mind, body or spiritual problem,’ claims Day. ‘It’s also a deeply relaxing experience.’

Research by Oxford Brookes University shows that cardiovascular health benefits from exercise and fresh air, but woodland surroundings have a calming effect that assists recovery more than a gym. Modern medicine often sets the physical and the emotional apart, yet with their roots firmly in the ground and their branches reaching up to the skies, trees remind us that the two are planted firmly together.  


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From:  Bryce

Re:  Like wearing a bit of mindfulness right on your wrist

Do you ever get so worked up in life that all you need is a minute to yourself, to take a deep breathe and gather your thoughts?

Do you ever feel stressed out, rushed and in a hurry, despite all your best efforts to be a more mindful person?

Like you’re a step behind and there just aren’t enough hours in the day?

I’ve spent years “doing the work” as they say -- reading personal development books, eating healthier, meditating… and my life is much better because of it.  But, the one thing I still struggled with is mental clarity -- until recently.

You see, I used to set multiple alarms throughout the day; one to wake up, one to get to work, one to meditate and exercise…

It was actually exhausting!

Now I don’t know about you, but I finally figured out that relying on my smartphone for everything was actually draining my energy and stressing me out.

Maybe you have the will power to only use yours as an alarm clock.  

But for me, checking my phone all the time just created a habit that found a way to fracture my focus and leave me frazzled.

As my cell phone addiction worsened, I knew something had to give or all the other gains I was making in life were going to go right down the drain.

After some thinking, I came to the conclusion that it was time for me to get a watch.

First, let me tell you, I’ve always avoided wearing a wrist watch because they were either too heavy and obtrusive or they’re cheaply made, lack class and are more fitting for a child.  

So my search started with a short list of things the perfect watch should have:

  • It should be handmade and sustainable - No plastic, rubber or electronic components
  • It should be lightweight and quiet - I don’t want to be aware that I’m wearing a watch all day long
  • It should be easy to maintain - As a minimalist, I seek to declutter my life and have less things to do, not more.  My new watch should require no winding, messy polishing or costly maintenance

Sounds easy enough, right?

With so many ways to search for things these days, I thought it would be easy to find a watch that matched my requirements.

Boy was I wrong.

After weeks of looking and coming up empty, I nearly gave up until one day I stumbled upon an ad for a wooden watch.  

Never had it dawned on me to search for such a thing, but I was intrigued so I clicked the ad and there it was.  

I knew as soon as I laid eyes on it, I had finally found the watch for me.

Immediately upon ordering, I received two special bonuses, which I’ll tell you about in just a minute, but first...

My new watch arrived free of charge, in a gorgeous green laser printed gift box, safely sitting atop its very own plush pillow.  The unboxing was an experience in felt like opening a long-lost buried treasure.

Crafted from responsibly-grown Australian walnut trees, its dark wood grains are both traditional and sophisticated with a hardy, elegant and highly desirable texture that’s soothing to the skin unlike heavy, metal watches.

I really can’t get over how calm and relaxed  I feel while wearing it.

It’s like wearing a bit of mindfulness right on your wrist.  

And now, instead of wasting time checking my phone and always being connected, I’m less distracted, get more done and have all the free time I need to enjoy my hobbies and enjoy the little things in life.

As a result, I’m enjoying more mental clarity than ever.  I feel an increased sense of calmness and I’m no longer overwhelmed by the daily demands of life.  

You might have a better way of describing how this watch makes you feel, but to me, it’s like taking a chill pill -- a wearable work of art that seems to cleanse your mind and boost your memory.  

Each one is completely unique and handmade with:

  • A fixed stainless steel bezel
  • Black dial with silver-tone hands
  • Classic Roman numeral hour markers with a seconds subdial
  • Easily adjustable watch band with tool included for any size wrist
  • Scratch resistant crystal cover
wood watches
wood watches

And get this…

As soon as you order, you’ll instantly receive $188 in FREE digital bonuses that you can download RIGHT now, including:

  • The Art Of Meditation, a 10-part video series that shows you step-by-step how to quickly eliminate stress and make the life-changing benefits of meditation a seamless part of your day
  • Personal Transformation Mastery, a homestudy multimedia master course that helps you get focused, build good habits and know your purpose so you can develop into a healthier, better you.

I devoured these courses before my watch even arrived and I gotta say, I’ve never had an easier time following my meditation routine and keeping a balanced mood.  

If you want a little more peace and harmony in your life, I don’t think you can go wrong with a Wild’s Wooden Watch.  

They are built to last a lifetime, include a 100% money back guarantee with a full 12-month warranty and will help you slow down and enjoy life a little more stress-free.


This 50% OFF Reiki Energy Healing 

Walnut Wood Watch Comes With

2 Incredible Bonuses(Instant Download Access)

To make your journey towards higher energy levels and better health

we want to include these incredible bonuses when you order now:

Bonus #1 -The Art Of Meditation
 Value at $119

10 Part Video course:

  • Common Myths About Meditation That Might Be Turning You Off
  • Meditation In A Nutshell
  • The Top 10 Benefits Of Meditation
  • Practical Vs Esoteric Meditation
  • The SEAL Quick Stress Relief
  • Counting Your Breath
  • Present Sense Mindfulness
  • Watch Your Emotions Like Clouds
  • Meditation Best Practices
  • Bonus #2 - Personsal Transformation Mastery
    Value at $69

    10 Part Video and Audio Tutorials:

    • Exercises To Improve Mindfulness
    • Powerful reasons You Should Meditate
    • 3 Reasons Knowing Your Purpose Can Change Everything
    • Important New Habits To Start Today
    • 5 Hacks To Get More From Your Brain
    • 5 Things That Will Make Life More Meaningful
    • 5 Ways To Increase Your Motivation
    • Here's What 10 Minutes Of Meditation a Day
    • Get More Energy With These Three Methods
    • How To Use The 80/20 Principle

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    HANDCRAFTED TO PERFECTION: Each hardwood timepieces is hand tooled to fit each time piece using traditional woodworking techniques. Each watch is unique and no two pieces are the same

    SUIT FOR MEN AND WOMEN WEARING:  Fexible wooden link bands that expand up to 8 ½ inches which can be adjusted easily with free easy adjust tool included

    JAPANESE QUARTZ MOVEMENT: Developed in Japan, Miyota movement is considered to be one of the most reliable and versatile watch calibers in the industry

    SATISFACTORY GUARANTEED: 100% money back guarantee with a 12 months warranty

    wood watches

    I was absolutely astonished how this watch looked my boyfriend LOVES it he wears it every day and it was really easy to take off the links especially since you gave us the tools to do it. Really impressed would buy another watch with this brand for any of my family member.


    Angelica Cox


    I absolutely love this watch. The wood gives it the feel of class and elegance. Keeps perfect time and looks great with what ever I wear. Well worth the money spent. An excellent addition to my watch collection.


    Gave as a gift. Was everything the description said it would be. Had to take out one link, was nice to have tool included. Son was very happy with watch

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